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Braving the Storm with Stormgain

2 Dec 2020 5 minute read 7 comments Zirbo

When it comes to crypto, I love to invest in it. Going through different projects, learning what they're all about, thinking of their potential, and so forth. But one thing I never considered was crypto trading. I actually invest in stocks which is a...

An In-Depth Look at MyCointainer

30 Nov 2020 7 minute read 3 comments Zirbo

Lending your crypto out has become a massive industry that has seen huge inflows recently! Both cefi and defi are booming, but what about good old staking? Staking can be costly and annoying. Most wallets for proof-of-stake coins (POS) require you to...

A Deep Dive into Crypto.com

27 Nov 2020 8 minute read 13 comments Zirbo

If you're exploring the cryptoverse like me, at some point you will come across Crypto.com. There's no avoiding it, the ads are everywhere, and just the name alone will guide you to their website or app at some point. The company goes back a few year...

Nexo vs Celsius

24 Nov 2020 6 minute read 10 comments Zirbo

The crypto lending industry is becoming more and more competitive. Big defi projects like Compound and Aave have accumulated billions onto their platforms, but those are harder to figure out for crypto newbies. That leaves BlockFi, Celsius, and Nexo,...

This Faucet is on Fire! - FireFaucet Review

24 Nov 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Zirbo

FireFaucet is one of the best faucets out there! It pays good, it's easy to use, there are plenty of bonuses, and best of all the whole website is in dark mode (seriously, too many sites are way too bright!). How do you earn with Fire Faucet? The ma...

CoinPanda Review

23 Nov 2020 1 minute read 2 comments Zirbo

CoinPanda is for sure a lesser known faucet. I only stumbled across it, because of a youtube video. At the time I was looking for a faucet that offered a wider variety than what is typically offered, and CoinPanda Definitely has that! How do you earn...

Nimiq - The Most Famous Unknown Cryptocurrency

23 Nov 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Zirbo

There are so many cryptocurrencies out there today, and it can be hard to figure out what is undervalued or a good opportunity. I recently discovered Nimiq, but when I tried to search for Nimiq on Publish0x, I only found a handful of articles. In thi...

What I Didn't Expect From Publish0x

19 Nov 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Zirbo

I intially signed up to Publish0x just to share my referral links. And I don't think there's anything wrong with that, as long as you use the things you recommend and both you and the person that signs up benefit from it, it's win win. I was using so...

Geodb - Take Back Control of Your Data! (and get paid for it!)

18 Nov 2020 4 minute read 5 comments Zirbo

The conversation about data and how it should be used has been getting more intense every year. Technology is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our daily lives, and with developments such as the internet of things (IOT), this has turned peoples fo...

Crypto Games - Are They Worth It?

17 Nov 2020 1 minute read 2 comments Zirbo

There are tons of crypto games out there. Some are just faucets that disguise themselves as games, but some of them are genuinely fun! These are the top three games in my opinion, that are the most entertaining and worth your time.   1. THNDR Games T...

Google Continues to Discriminate Against Crypto

16 Nov 2020 1 minute read 3 comments Zirbo

In the past Google has from time to time cracked down on crypto. - In March 2018 they banned cryptocurrency based advertisements, causing a large dip in crypto prices. - A few months later in July they banned crypto mining apps. - In December 2019 th...


Are You Doing Your Part? Help Leofinance Grow!

2 Dec 2020 Khazrakh

02 December 2020
Nice article! I've been trying to post on Leofinance, but every time I click the publish button, it just keeps spinning, and nothing happens. Do you if I might be doing something wrong?

An In-Depth Look at MyCointainer

30 Nov 2020 Zirbo

01 December 2020
Thanks, I really appreciate it!

Should I withdraw from Publish0x to Celsius?

28 Nov 2020 Technically Product

28 November 2020
Does anyone know if you can withdraw ETH from Publish0x to Nexo?

A Deep Dive into Crypto.com

27 Nov 2020 Zirbo

28 November 2020
I've tried to adress all of these points in the article, maybe not as in depth as you would have liked, but it's all in there. I know it's a long read, but please check it again if you're interested. Things such as them increasing the staking amounts for the cards, and their poor communication are definitely a part of the article! :)

A Deep Dive into Crypto.com

27 Nov 2020 Zirbo

28 November 2020
I said "some of the lowest fees", and not the lowest. This in reference to buying crypto with a credit or debit card through their app. Crypto.com's fees for doing this are variable and change from country to country, so yours might be 3,5%. For me though it's 1,49%, which is cheaper than at other exchanges in my case. If this was marketing or promotion, I would have to put it in the article or I would break my country's laws. I just wrote this, because I'm interested in it.

A Deep Dive into Crypto.com

27 Nov 2020 Zirbo

27 November 2020
Yeah, before it just kept going down, even though everything else was skyrocketing! Now it seems to be moving with the cryptomarket again, so now could be the right time to get in.

Nexo vs Celsius

24 Nov 2020 Zirbo

26 November 2020
I agree, Nexo is extremely user friendly, and that's something you really don't find that often these days. I hope Celsius can catch up with them someday. Thanks for your comment, I really appreaciate it! :)

Nexo vs Celsius

24 Nov 2020 Zirbo

26 November 2020
Yeah, just the sheer amount of cryptos available is way beyond anyone else right now, and on top of that their maximum interest rates are fantastic as well!

Nexo vs Celsius

24 Nov 2020 Zirbo

26 November 2020
Yeah the daily compounding was the thing that attracted me to Nexo in the first place!

Nexo vs Celsius

24 Nov 2020 Zirbo

26 November 2020
Thanks for checking it out, and I'm glad you liked it! Nexo is awesome once you get to know them!

Nexo vs Celsius

24 Nov 2020 Zirbo

26 November 2020
Thanks! I'll probably write about them next ;)

CoinPanda Review

23 Nov 2020 Zirbo

23 November 2020
Yes, I have! I posted a couple payment proofs at the bottom of the article. So far I have withdrawn crypto to my Coinbase account and my wallet, and they all arrived within a couple of hours. I think withdrawals are manually approved, so that's why it probably took so long.

Geodb - Take Back Control of Your Data! (and get paid for it!)

18 Nov 2020 Zirbo

19 November 2020
There's a certain truth to that, but I think that identifiable data will be more and more regulated in the future as technology develops, opening the door for companies like Geodb to grow. And people in response will most likely shift more to using VPN and other privacy tools to hide their identity. With the current system you only get incomplete datasets, but with if I'm willing to share all my data, which people will be more likely to do if it is anonymous, then you can actually start to begin to understand the whole picture. But I don't think Geodb intends to compete in the traditional markets like advertising, but instead focus on the untapped market I think Geodb can make huge improvements in areas like public transportation for example.

Geodb - Take Back Control of Your Data! (and get paid for it!)

18 Nov 2020 Zirbo

19 November 2020
Just added this part to the article!

Geodb - Take Back Control of Your Data! (and get paid for it!)

18 Nov 2020 Zirbo

19 November 2020
Hey, thanks for asking! Companies that want to buy the data have to use the GEO token as well, so that's where the basic supply and demand comes from. Geodb does realize that it has to do more to protect GEO from speculation, and people just selling it as soon as they get it. They're looking into several ways to stabilize the currency and to incentivize long term holding, with one them being defi. Like Compound and Maker for example. The project is still very early in its development, so I expect to see more use cases for GEO in the future. Their upcoming app store will probably be a big part of that too. You can read more on their plans for the GEO token here: https://geodb.com/docs/geodb-defi-geo-offering-motivational-paper.pdf

Crypto Games - Are They Worth It?

17 Nov 2020 Zirbo

17 November 2020
Not all of the links are referral links, and the ones that are benefit both me and the person that clicks on them. So it doesn't make much sense to sign up without using them. I included all these games into my article, because I think they are entertaining, that is the meaning of "are they worth it?" I state this in my first paragraph, so you can infer from there that this article is based on entertainment and not monetary value.

Google Continues to Discriminate Against Crypto

16 Nov 2020 Zirbo

17 November 2020
Yeah, that's a good point! It just sucks for the people who are caught in between. Hopefully soon we will get a 3rd party alternative to all the big tech giants, and end their monopolies.

What's going on with Crypto.com and the CRO cryptocurrency?

11 Nov 2020 Zirbo

12 November 2020
Thanks for your reply! Positive comments like yours motivate me to keep writing! Tipped and followed you too!

What's going on with Crypto.com and the CRO cryptocurrency?

11 Nov 2020 Zirbo

12 November 2020
Thanks, I really appreciate that! I'll do the same for you :)

Cycling in Iran, A Thrilling Madness

2 Nov 2020 Melina Mehr

02 November 2020
I really enjoyed reading about this, and I can't wait to come visit Iran one day! It really is too bad that we too often see only the negatives in the news. Everytime I see something about living or traveling in Iran, it just looks so amazing! Thanks for sharing and stay safe with Corona!

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Let's create a faucet from & by the people

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Hi everyone, This is the very first post in my way to creating a passive income. I think that cryptocurrencies offer a lot of possible passive earning methods: staking, investing, .. yet I never really felt comfortable with those. That's why I looked...

I'm Setting Up A Dedicated Account For Leofinance - And You Should Too!

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Just as my journey into the wonderful world of Hive, my journey into Leofinance started a bit slower than it did for many others out there. Being completely honest here, I had heard about Leofinance in one way or the other, but I never really cared t...

List of Top 10 Kashan Tourist Attractions and Where to Visit

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Kashan tourist attractions receive many travelers every year. This ancient city, dating back 7,500 years ago is a historic city known for its fragrant flowers, old houses, and very ancient sites. Kashan is in fact the tip of the iceberg of the very o...

Cycling in Iran, A Thrilling Madness

2 Nov 2020 1 minute read comments Melina Mehr

There is a mysterious madness in cycling, in our country, Iran, which is indescribable with words. For others who never been to Iran, it is hard to imagine. And they can’t know what I'm actually saying because haven’t experienced it every day. Of co...

Play Nimtris, have fun and earn NIM

25 Oct 2020 1 minute read comments Smart_Blockchain_Projects

Nimiq it is an amazing crypto project, with a lot of potential and with a great team that is working on mass adoption applications. I have already written a post so I will not get into details. Anyone can have a look to to it here Earn NIM by playin...



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