Effects of Blockchain on Our Daily Lives

Effects of Blockchain on Our Daily Lives

By ridertiger | Zin | 12 Oct 2020


Blockchain is said to be affecting our daily lives, but isn't it for computer and finance people? With the blockchain industry on the rise, we look forward to an entirely different perspective on not only the financial world but in many aspects of our daily life. As money is involved in almost any action we choose to take, and where there is money, there needs to be a source, blockchain will most likely change our entire system. When talking about how far blockchain has come, we can say that we lose the need for many occupations like lawyers and any job that requires you to keep a track of assets. Instead, smart contracts and other technologies will be doing that for you, making the tasks much more efficient and automated. While many jobs might be at risk, many more will also be created by this technology. Jobs based on security, encryption, and identity verification are on the rise. Despite the loss of some job opportunities for people, looking at the bigger picture we can safely say that mankind is making great progress by creating and using blockchain. Blockchain is expected to change everything around us. From the food industry to the government, everyone is looking forward to what blockchain might bring for them.   Once blockchain arrives, we might not feel the need for banks as much as all our finances will be handled through simple smartphone applications like the one Zin Finance intends to launch. They will also be more secure and transparent regarding transactions. Furthermore, blockchain has a bright side for everyone. Healthcare, for example, will heavily rely on blockchain for privacy and medical records for patients while the music industry will have much ease with copyrights and payment because of it. The food industry will be greatly helped in supply, creating transparency for the consumers about the source of their food as well as making it easier to detect contamination. Using blockchain, the energy sector will also be able to provide consumers with their desired amount of it, making there no need for the utility companies and having price based on demand. Seeing the endless ease in daily functions that blockchain is to bring, industries grow restless for the technology to be more widely used and implemented. Although getting used to the new technology and its technicalities will take time, once it takes over the market we are looking at some great innovations.  

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