Brave browser featured on the Epic Games Store

By zev | zev | 22 Apr 2021

Brave browser partners with Epic Games and expands its user base (roughly ~30 mil as of now) into the gaming community. Browser can now be downloaded from Epic Games Store for Windows 10 desktop users. It's another interesting move towards gaming industry made by Brave (remember Splinterlands Tournament?)

Compared to other browsers it make sense for gamers to choose Brave over anything else as it provides better performance. It goes without saying, really, that faster loading and less battery consumption are so desirable when it comes to gaming experience. A decent, gaming-tailored web browser especially makes spotlight when you think of cloud gaming such as Nvidia GeForce, Google Stadia or Microsoft's xCloud.

Personally i think that Brave made an excellent strategic move to grab some chunk of gaming community ahead of the competition. Overall, the gaming industry is a very lucrative business, valued at 162.32 billion $USD in 2020 as a whole. Who doesn't want to reach gaming market with their product in any way possible? I expect that Brave's user base will grow significantly from now on.

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