Zethyr Exchange AMA with Ruslan, CEO of 888TRON

By Zethyr Exchange | Zethyr Exchange | 30 Oct 2019

AMA was with Ruslan, CEO of 888TRON in our Official Telegram Community (


Host: So let’s start with a simple question.

Can you introduce a little bit about 888TRON and yourself?

Ruslan: My name is Ruslan and I am the CEO of is a TRX blockchain based decentralized gaming platform with one 888token economy business model that provides players with passive life time income in TRX.

Our platform has paid out over 434 million TRX in dividends this year. Our team has won the Tron accelerator contest earlier this year. Tron blockchain provides fast, secure and cheap transactions. Blockchain gives players instant winning payouts, fairness, transparency and anonymous game play. New 888 logo stands for a one token economy — no mutual tokens and pyramids for investors.

Host: Great.

Q1: Casino and gaming platforms are all over the blockchain. How are you different?

Ruslan: We are a social gaming platform where all players automatically become share holders of a gaming platform by owning a token. 888 platform has one token economy. Token holders receive 65% of platform’s revenue in TRX every 48 hours. Tokens can be used to play games as well.

Plus our token can be used to purchase goods on decentralized market place DSmarket. We have the the best game providers from gaming industry and a great game assortment that’s expanding rapidly. We pay out winnings instantly and directly to the players wallets. And we do not require KYC, AML and etc.

Host: Yeah I can see there are lots of games available on 888TRON. A lot of members here are die-hard fans of 888TRON as well.

Q2: What’s your favorite game?

Ruslan: Dice 3D…It’s a unique & simple game with a great pay out ratio and a realistic feeling of an actual dice throw.

Right now we are working on the sports book form 1xbet

1xbet is the world’s biggest sports betting company. To avoid any losses we are working on a New Risk management system that will allow us to make payouts instantly. 888 is the only platform that is partnering with 1xbet. They never give their sports book out to third parties.”

Host: Yeah everyone loves instant payouts. One of our member Krypto Chica has this very interesting question for you


Ruslan: As I said previously we don’t collect personal data and all players (token holders) are anonymous. Teams share is 30% from all dividends pay outs. All this money are spend on development and marketing.

Host: Ok since 888TRON has focused much saying it is a single token economy another member asks this as well


Ruslan: We don’t plan to introduce another tokens. We consider it unfair…printing new tokens leads to devaluation of previous tokens. And that’s an obvious sign of a Ponzi scheme. Our team will only start making profit when all the tokens are mined.

Host: good news for all the 888 token holders right now. Ok next question

Q5: In light of the recent hack, what has 888TRON done to improve its security?

Ruslan: First of all it’s important to mention that players funds are completely safe and not even a one TRX was lost. 888 represents a new approach to a gambling business model. People bet using real money. No play money…Winnings are paid out instantly and directly to the player’s crypto wallets. Players love it…But it has serious risks for the platform. We can’t return funds in case of an unfair gaming from the player’s side. Thus the risk management has to be done before the payout. Not all game providers we are using took this risks seriously and we had few loses. We are great full for this paid lesson. All necessary measures were taken. That’s why sports book is still under development even though it was integrated a month ago. We are constantly working on 888 Security with our game providers.We don’t risk players money. All losses are taken on behalf of 888 Team

Host: This is a huge security assurance to all 888 players and holders. I think gambling involves real money. So it is very crucial that the team behind the platform must take security as its top priority!

I see your 2019–2020. Awesome plan.

Q6: Can you highlight the best 3 for our audience here?


1. To Increase the variety of games on the platform to over 2000+ games.

2. Implement multi blockchain so players can experience direct btc, eth, eos, gram gaming.

3. Have 888token trading pairs with btc and other major crypto currencies.

And run interesting competitions and events with prize funds over 100 million TRX and up in the coming year on regular basis.

Host: a lot of 888 players will be very pumped to know this news

Q7: Can you share some sneak peeks about your 50M TRX Grand Event?

Ruslan: It’s going to be a very interesting fair, transparent event. Any participant will have a chance to become a winner. There will be over 400 prizes waiting for its winners. The event will happen at the beginning of November. The model of the event was developed to make it interesting for all players not just whales.

Host: wow 400 prizes. Ok tough question from a member, but very interesting


Ruslan: That’s our main goal. I’ve read that by 2025 70% of people from all over the world will use crypto. Like it happened with bank cards. So we just need to be prepared for that and deliver the best product to our users.

Host: I see

Q9: is 888TRON doing anything to accept players with FIAT only but no crypto?

Ruslan: I think everyone here already knows that Samsung became partners with Tron. And how many people have Samsung mobile phones?

FIAT is strictly regulated. We don’t deal with it directly. But we have an easy and convenient service on our web site that allows people to buy crypto with few clicks using visa, MasterCard

Host: Yes makes a lot of sense, hopefully with SAMSUNG venturing into crypto

Q10: Any plan to burn 888 tokens?

Ruslan: 888token supply is very small. It’s only 100 millions. So far only 23% is mined. We experience a lack of liquidity on exchanges that leads to a token price growth. Players hold 888 token for passive income and there are not many tokens on the Market. Less than 0.5% from all tokens mined or available on the market. Token burning doesn’t look like a logical business decision in this situation.

Host: Ok just one last question from the audience


Ruslan: Hackers from all over the world attack 888 every day. And only 2 attacks leaded to TRX loss. I suppose it’s good statistics.

Thank you Zethyr for this AMA and your community for participation and interesting questions. Have a great weekend!

Host: Yes, have a great weekend! Thank you and see you Ruslan!

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