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At this point, you are maybe asking yourself, why if he states to be so expert, he is not rich, or where are the proofs of it. Well, I have been trading in Demo of some products for a long time, and in fact, that’s part of my success, but I have as well some important results, at even at this point, have been worth to have invested so many hours and most of my hours of the last years

The fact of trading in Demo for so long,gave me the chance to understand the market in profundity, and avoided me to lose tons of money.

You must be smart enough to control your greed and understand where are you (again, as I explained, it’s vital that you perceive the time as it is and understand where are you in each second). Patience is the most powerful weapon.

If I control myself, I control my destiny. Higher patience and control, higher reward in the long term.

My process of interiorization and understanding of the algorithms and my strong personality of having a big ego made me avoid the failure and gave me the chance to grow and keep growing and improving, and finally, after uncountable hours I achieved a greater performance that can never be imagined, and finally, understand the algorithms almost as the language I speak.


Immunity to the poison

Since the moment you start, you are vulnerable to fall into the deep pit of defeat and to kill yourself. You must be aware of what’s going to come, the manipulation, the marketing and the world of lies, apart of the whole bunch of bullshit that the system and society have introduced on your head.

There are two poisons that kill people, and as I explained, they always come together:

1 ) Algorithms & time (Fear & Greed)

The easiest way to lose in trading is due to not understanding the process and always trading in greed and fear zones and due to the time aspect, who kills and despair the majority of traders who keeps fighting on the field, leading them to close their positions without knowing what is going to happen after.

2) The Leverage

This one is even more dangerous than the algorithms, all the brokers and stock market offers you the possibility to work with leverage. You are not going to be rich with 1.000€, but what if I let you work with leverage, and you put 1.000€ but you can trade as you have 10.000€ or 50.000€…. That is what leverage means, and that’s their source of income and your source of greed.

That is a good offer even for tempting the devil… Now, you must comprehend that market and algorithms are prepared to create the most chaotic algorithm to confuse you and to hunt your money.

When you understand that you are summing 1+1, you are understanding that your money is about to disappear with a probability of 150%.

Your greed and your false feeling of control of what you are doing are going to kill you again. Revenge will appear, and they again chased you to fail for a second, third or for infinite times. Your false control of the market will lead you to lose until you are broke or you desist. However, sooner or later they know you will come back to give them your money.

Taking everything into consideration, If you don’t understand everything I did (risk, positions, decisions) in the way I did at this point, let me explain it to you:

The crypto allows you basically to, have an enormous performance without trading with CFD or futures (what means high risk and where not all the retail is willing to get it), making a product accessible for the people, allowing you to not pay maintenance fees, commission… It’s like a stock, but with a different meaning and behavior. It’s easy, simple, and gives you the false chance to make you rich.

This will be explained in another chapter, but it is extremely interesting the Crypto behavior compared with other markets.

In traditional markets, 70–80% of the time the market is growing, and it goes slow, and the market falls 30–20% of the time and the movements are always sharp.

In crypto, the behavior it’s the exact opposite, 70–80% of the time, the market is slowly falling, and 20–30% of the time, the market is sharply increasing.

Have you asked yourself why it works in this way?

Crypto is a financial product created for stealing retail money doing it more accessible, to replace the old products having the same functionality but in a different way. Create the biggest % variations, that allow you to have incredible gains, but also devastating losses. However, it is perfect for me, as I understand the markets, and that’s why I know what it’s about to come. You must know what are you in front of.

Nevertheless, not everything is lost without crypto, there is another way to success trading with futures and CFDs.

The first way is to be founded with huge accounts by companies. For that, you must demonstrate you are good enough. It is something I haven’t considered until now, but I am preparing for it (as until now, these kind of companies didn’t existed and I don’t have contacts)

The second way to do it is to trade futures (with big personal accounts) or trade CFDs with small contracts, which allow you to win and lose smalls amount of money (that does not break your account in hours as it will happen with high leverage or trading futures with an account smaller than 10.000€-50.000€)

Having said that, put everything into perspective. It is not possible to trade successfully with CFD and futures if you are not good enough or you don’t accomplish the account requisitions. The risk without the needed capital is too high even if you are good enough.

This is the reason why I have been practicing and practicing for 3–4 years (I needed to be patience, had no big accounts, and don’t know any company to fund me).

This is the reason why I decided to learn instead of destroying and giving away my money. This is the reason, why I know what I have to do, I know I succeeded and I know what’s going to come and which are the steps to complete the plan.


Surpassing the limit | Choose your focus

Something important in this market is to have the discipline to focus on yourself, on the market and increase your skills until you reach what is unimaginable.

I remember when I started and I lost in every operation I open, and I asked myself, how is it possible, this is a binary business, up or down, no more no less. How I could always was be wrong each time I decide.

Now, I remember those days, and I can say, that now almost every time I am right, and not only that but can comprehend the correlations and control all the different algorithms and manipulative wires as if I were a string puppeteer.

Here you have a screenshot, where I trade with (0,01 lots), which is the minimum quantity. I did 1.000€ in profit, something that can not be even imaginable by no one.


Having said that, this is just an example, you should NEVER focus on the money, but on the PIBs. This is the unit of movement of the market, and that’s where I focused myself.

I tried always to not measure in money; like I did 40€ or 100€ with an operation but to know that my win PIBs should be bigger than my lost PIBs.


Look the second screen In that image there is more than 8.200 PIBs, with some operations held for 2 or 3 weeks, always cutting the losses, not hiding any losses, closing them fast.

I haven’t seen a trader in 4 years that is able to trade with 6 or 7 different pairs at the same time maintaining more than 15 operations and doing more than 8.200 PIBs sustained.

The better traders that I found in 3–4 years do as much 2000–3000 PIBS per month. Of course, this screen is with good market conditions, but I am not hiding any operation, and as I said, my knowledge is deep enough to allow me to comprehend the combination of how 6 different currencies interact with each other.

Here is another example of my performance. This is a future account, grow from 10.000$ to 100.000$ in three weeks using between 1–3 contracts only. Nevertheless, the broker locked my account so I couldn’t show the history and I needed to restart again from zero.


The hidden results & winning condition

Apart of my Demo results, which are truly important for me (even more than winning money in the short term); due to that allow me to know in the level I am (among the best 1%), I have some other results recent results and real positions opened.

I am responsible for managing and advising my family patrimonial society, which only owns stocks. I have warned many people and anticipated what it was coming for the whole year (earlier/mid-2019).

What I did, is manage the position and sell all the patrimonial society held for almost 5 or 6 years at top of the peak (it was not easy), what avoided losses for a value of 300K€, banking almost 500K€ profit.

What happened is not a random fact, it has been prepared for many years, but especially the last one, and again, nobody trusted me, until it happened.

Not only that, but people who I warned, they still think that this crash happened due to COVID19, nothing more further from reality.


Look again at the charts, I show you the same behavior in crypto. It is always the same, all the markets act in the same manner, crypto, forex, stocks, index….

This is just the same game over and over again. After reaching the top of the mountain, they do an “incomprehensive” sprint producing absurd performances in stocks inducting to the greed and to the retail to buy, crush them and take their money once again.

Look the “smart retail” who decides to buy in the worst possible position (but again late), at the top of the peak understanding that the market has lost much value.

This is the typical algorithmic pull-back inducting to buy the retail at the top.


Preparing the opportunity

I will show you some other perfect predictions that I warned about and the results can be shown here. In TradingView ( an online trading tool where you can post your charts and predictions), there are more than 10.000 traders posting forecasts. I have seen no one showing that with the same precision as me, not even the points, but also in the behavior of the algorithms.

This prediction was made in September. It is only needed to be analyzed the points, but also how the lines are drawn (see marked zones), look the behaviors in each zone, they are almost the same (not in the time-frames due to the pixel lines of the platform are not adjusted to the candlestick)

How can I know that with such precision? The answer is easy, I understand what they are doing. I understand the algorithms and what they have to do.

Maybe, it's time to ask yourself, why it can be predicted with 5 months of anticipation if the world is chaotic and in continuous changes? I will answer you:

That’s because the world is not random and unpredictable.

1*EtDhGvzDgYizpPj921NoxQ.png BTC/USD

All the crypto market as I previously explained in the previous chapter is totally/perfectly correlated (it means, BTC cannot go up alone), it can outperform or over-perform but not move alone.

The same I did with XRP. Even if I have not bought all my position at the very bottom (as I have to be prepared for the failure and for not having a perfect analysis), it happened millimetrically. Observe again the drawn lines and then what it occurred.

In this case, I stacked a conservative position at 0,24€ (in case I was wrong) and an aggressive position stacked at the very bottom at 0,13€. I prepared the position and also the possible scenario. Moreover, stacked also small positions in many other cryptos at the maximum or almost maximum bottom (ICX 0,11€, GNT 0,27€, TRX 0,13€…)

I must admit I was sure that the fear induction was going to happen, but don’t know when exactly. In any case, strategically, it’s pointless to play with greed at the bottom of the market, it’s preferably to assure the shot rather than taking risks. At least, that’s my way of thinking and understanding the edges.

Are you going to stop for resting at the end of a race just because you are tired allowing you to lose the gold medal? Just ask yourself that question.

I cannot be more safe and secure mentally at this point. Firstly, because I understand that for the markets there is no point in crashing something existing and profitable. Secondly, due to I comprehend how the markets react,

I see the demand and supply zones, the movement and everything together with matching with my perception.

Everything happened in a millimetrically way, so the outcome would not be different. WG, as I forecasted, prepared the induction to the fear at the bottom of the market before the raise, inducting the retail to sell and inducting me to drink their position once again.

1*YNUpDnl4lEs0nyiiHusS-w.png XRP/USD

Everything said, we just need to wait for the raise, hold and induction to fear at the maximum top (which I am doubting if it will be again at 18K$ for BTC or 26K$ matching with my demand points). In the case of XRP, algorithms show me 2,10$).

In any case, the algorithms will tell us the story as long as they develop, there is no need to overthink at this point.


The plan for the fight

The strategy has been prepared and settled for months, now we just need to wait and analyze how the next market and opportunity evolveand follow it.

The important aspect now is to have patience, trust in the work done, analyze the demand points (algorithms) and detect the greed induction to sell at the very top again.

Remember, patience always pays. Referring to crypto, we are in front of the most amazing weapon to steal money from the retail,( the returns will be absurd, and that is what I am looking for). I am playing on the contrary field of the retail, I want what they despise, playing with the WG and the SM (Smart Money).

The second plan I am preparing is the “crash” or return to the position where the algorithms are going. It is easy to spot it in the NASDAQ index (but it’s the same on SP500, DAX, US30, IBEX35)…

It is just what society calls the “index economy”. No more not less, another manipulated market toy, everything correlated in the same manner and with the same intrinsic properties. I expect that algorithms will bring it back until levels of 2008, showing me the strong zone of demand.

I don’t know the exact form of the algorithm but I know where they have to arrive, and I also know that previous to the last moment they will induct to do the opposite movement, and that at the bottom of the market. They prepare a sharp movement with a strong-bad news, inducting retail to believe they are immersed in the destruction of the actual economy, but once again, the lie of wealth redistribution will have worked one more time.

1*cTgMDlx2mpgp-yFoLQMTsA.png NASDAQ

This is the same previous chart that I have shown. I expect a massive fall in the stock market which leads to losing 2/3 of the current value. In my opinion, this “panic phase” or bearish movement until the demand will last for almost 1 year or similar.

There is no need to rush for the next big shot, as patience will play a bigger role.

It’s time to invest in “forgotten markets” or to go against the economy or in the worst case, to save the money you can earn. Nevertheless, who is willing to put their saving and invest in the current situation in something valueless?

More effort, less effort, more hours, less hours. The accumulation of work does not guarantee the success. However, one single second of clairvoyance after that work can change the whole perspective of the argument film.


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This blog is about my personal history. How I learned and became a great trader by understanding the game, fighting uncountable battles and investing all my hours along 4 years.


This blog is about my personal history. How I learned and became a great trader by understanding the game, fighting uncountable battles and investing all my hours along 4 years. I did it by learning to read the code, the algorithms and by comprehending how the smart money manipulate your brain using their weapons and how they control your psychological status.

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