Zero to Hero ~ Vote (February)

By ZeroRequiem | Zero to Hero | 2 Feb 2023






Hey Peeps!


It is time to Vote for Zero to Hero's Crypto Reward of February!


Voting is extremely easy:

1. Comment your favorite Cryptocurrency on this post. 

2. Last month's Crypto Reward of the Month cannot be selected again, so that means votes for Cosmos (ATOM) will NOT be counted.

3. Leave your comment by 11:59pm UTC on Friday, February 10th.

4. Congrats! You just voted!

5. Keep an eye out for the next Zero to Hero post so you can enter!

6. Please consider Liking and Tipping the post to get this trending, and we grow that Monthly Reward!


The Past Crypto Rewards of the Month and the respective Winners:


Take charge of which Crypto Reward you want and VOTE now!


So what exactly is the Zero to Hero Giveaway?

  • It is a monthly giveaway on Publish0x, where I have committed to giving back 25% of my monthly Publish0x earnings to One Lucky Follower. 
  • Every month, my followers get to vote on the Crypto Reward of the Month. 
  • The Crypto that receives the most votes, will determine the crypto that the Zero to Hero Winner will be paid out in. 
  • I normally make a Post for the Voting process in the first couple days of the month, and followers have until the 10th to get their votes in. 
  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments!


If you are curious how the Lucky Follower is selected, check out this video:



The ZERO to HERO title was suggested by @Neo77.


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See ya!


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