Zero to Hero ~ January

By ZeroRequiem | Zero to Hero | 12 Jan 2023

Hey Peeps!


For January's Crypto Reward of the Month Vote we had 40 Followers vote for 20 different cryptocurrencies!


The Top 3 Cryptocurrencies with the most Votes:

1st -  ATOM, DASH, and MATIC with 4 votes each.

2nd - LTC and HIVE with 3 votes each.

3rd - BTC, ETH, ADA, SOL, GMT, and RUNE with 2 votes each.


In the event of a tie, we consult of the Wheel of the Crypto Gods to determine the winner.


The Crypto Gods have decided that Cosmos (ATOM) is January's Crypto Reward of the Month!


Complete the 4 steps below to enter the Zero to Hero Giveaway:

  • Follow me on Publish0x
  • Like this post
  • Tip this post
  • Leave your Cosmos (ATOM) Wallet Address in the Comment section



You have until 7:00pm UTC on January 31st to complete the steps and enter the Zero to Hero Giveaway!



So what exactly is the Zero to Hero Giveaway?

  • It is a monthly giveaway on Publish0x, where I have committed to giving back 25% of my monthly Publish0x earnings to One Lucky Follower. 
  • Every month, my followers get to vote on the Crypto Reward of the Month. 
  • The Crypto that receives the most votes, will determine the crypto that the Zero to Hero Winner will be paid out in. 
  • I normally make a Post for the Voting process in the first couple days of the month, and followers have until the 10th to get their votes in. 
  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments!


If you are curious how the Lucky Follower is selected, check out this video:


The ZERO to HERO title was suggested by @Neo77. Big thanks to him!


Remember that the more you like and tip my Articles, the more that will go towards the Monthly Giveaway Reward! 


If you have made it this far and enjoyed the post, please consider hitting the Thumbs Up 👍 and Follow buttons!

If you want to be even more awesome, please Tip before you go!




See ya!



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