CryptoCats Reborn NFTs - Cats at 0.15 ETH + Website update

CryptoCats Reborn NFTs - Cats at 0.15 ETH + Website update

If you didn't read my original post on CryptoCats Reborn check it out below.
CryptoCats Reborn NFTs - Win a cat! + How to buy your own.

Whats new on the website?

Users can now select between releases and categories of cats to quickly find their desired cat! 🙀 🥳


Quick lowdown of features below:
- Original 12 cats
- Australian blockchain cats
- December release cats
- And those highly desirable Punk cats!
- "Wrong Network" button if your wallet is either not connected to the site or on another network, switch to Ethereum! 

Users can now also select 'Sold recently' & 'Last Price' to get an idea of all what's going on with the many sales occurring. More tweaks have also been made to help quicken updates of sales and withdraw bids to make it an even smoother experience. 

There's still a chance to grab some cats at only 0.15 ETH! Like these little guys below.



If you would like to buy cats out right without bidding the best option is to do below.

- Select desired contract
- Select 'Offered' 
- Select the ⬇️ (Down arrow) on the 'Price' column then you can view cheapest first.
- Then select 'Buy' and use MetaMask as you would normally, select gas choice and purchase.

Once purchased and confirmed on the blockchain you will see your cat if you select the 'View my cats' button. This may take a few minutes, if any issues join the Discord and the team can help out.

Note: MetaMask browser extension is needed or you can use their inbuilt browser. 

Quick roundup on sales below...

Contract Details

Contract: 0x9508008227b6b3391959334604677d60169EF540
Date: Created 5 days before the official contract

Current sales stats on the site:
Number of sales : 36
Total volume : 36.48 ETH
Average price : 1.01 ETH
Highest sale : 3.14 ETH

Contract: 0x19c320b43744254ebdBcb1F1BD0e2a3dc08E01dc
Date: Created 3 seconds before the official contract

Current sales stats on the site:
Number of sales : 195
Total volume : 314.3 ETH
Average price : 1.61 ETH
Highest sale : 19.99 ETH

You can join the Discord server and find all sorts of information regarding cats available, cats sold and ask any questions to the community, we're here to help! Join here.

CryptoCat Reborn competition, winner announced.

Enjoy your blockchain exploring!

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