CryptoCats Reborn NFTs - Win a cat! + How to buy your own. DYOR

In brief, CryptoCats Reborn is work done to resurface two existing contracts on the Ethereum blockchain before the "Official" release of Cryptocats. Quoting official, I mean in regards to that was the final contract the devs were happy enough to use as the final contract for Cryptocats. 

Before you read on, DYOR and read the description on the website for both contracts and make sure to check the bottom of the site for other bits of info. I'm in no way affiliated with the website, this is more of an exploration into NFT's done by myself. The website isn't affiliated with the official Cryptocats. 

CryptoCats Reborn

As stated above two other contracts exist. These in basic terms were earlier "versions" of the contract, left alone to be forgotten. 

Currently on the website you can select between the two contracts using the menu, screenshot below.


Contract Details

Contract: 0x9508008227b6b3391959334604677d60169EF540
Date: Created 5 days before the official contract

Current sales stats on the site:
Number of sales : 26
Total volume : 30.98 ETH
Average price : 1.19 ETH
Highest sale : 3.14 ETH

Contract: 0x19c320b43744254ebdBcb1F1BD0e2a3dc08E01dc
Date: Created 3 seconds before the official contract

Current sales stats on the site:
Number of sales : 177
Total volume : 310.3 ETH
Average price : 1.75 ETH
Highest sale : 19.99 ETH

How to buy a cat!

CryptoCats Reborn collective (a name I'll give them) have done some great work over the last few days creating the website.

Features of the site: 
- Metamask must be used on the site
- You can buy cats on either of the two contracts 
- Website also offers users the ability to sell on their cat after purchase
- NO FEES! You save a lot of Eth as the sales are done directly with the contract created
- Users can switch between the two contracts
- Users can sort the cats by ID on selected contract
- Users can sort cats up for sale by current asking price in Eth
- If you're lucky enough to have grabbed a cat or have one already you can view your cat as long as your Metamask wallet is connected to the site with 1 or more of the cats belonging to that wallet.  

Win a "reborn" Cryptocat!
Currently on twitter there's just a few hours left to enter a competition to win Cat ID: 195 on the 0x95 contract. 
To enter, you need to Follow, Like and Retweet the comp link here. Good luck!

You can join the Discord server and find all sorts of information regarding cats available, sold and ways to wrap your cat to sell on OpenSea or keep it unwrapped to sell on their site. Join here.

If you purchase a cat don't forget to donate some Eth to the team if you feel like it. You can find the address on the bottom of their website.

Enjoy your blockchain exploring!

Signup and get 10% commission kickback.

The Sandbox:
Own land, develop your own game and characters.

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