How you could earn >700$ on Reddit for free

By Zer0x | Zer0x | 1 Dec 2021


Eventhough it has been a few months already since their introduction, MOON, one of the crypto currencies of reddit, is still going strong.

MOON is the token given out to active users and contributers of the subbreddit r/CryptoCurrency/.

It is stored in a "vault" (basically just a wallet connected to your reddit account) and can also be used to tip other users or buy reddit premium.

Currently valued at 1 MOON = 0.153$, it might not seem as much, but given the amount of moons potential earnable by just making a good reddit post or a decent comment, it can still be worth your while.

The exact ratio of upvotes to MOON isn't public, since it depends on how much karma (a point system introduced by reddit) you earn and the exact formular for karma isn't public either. But it has been speculated to be 3-4 upvotes for one karma point, which would translate to about 0.304 MOON per karma point. Comment karma however is counted double as much.

So let's do a quick example of what could be possible:

  • The top post of all time on r/CryptoCurrency is currently at 54 thousand upvotes
  • Though it is already 7 months old, let's use the current ratio for calculation
  • 54k upvotes/3.5 upvotes per karma = ~15428 post karma
  • at 0.304 MOON per upvote karma => ~4690 MOON
  • at current pricing of 0.153$/MOON => ~717$

So that's 717$ of crypto in just a single post. Not bad for something you can do absolutly for free from the comfort of your couch.

However just a reminder, that was the absolute top post of all time of the subreddit so don't expect to make any post and be rolling in money when you wake up. Then again, the entire post contains only 63 words, so seemingly, anything can go viral. In case you're curious what the top post is


Also a quick and honorable mention is the other currency reddit offers, using the same payout method: BRICK.

A coin, that is earnable by engaging in the subreddit r/FortNiteBR/, similiar to MOON.

BRICK is currently worth 0.02502$/BRICK.

Again the exact turnover of upvotes to karma and karma to BRICK is unknown, but it can be assumed that the rate is better than MOON, due to the current lower value.

So if Fortnite is more interesting to you, this is a valid second option.

Both tokens get paid out at the end of a month to all it's users. After that the karma count for the next month is reset.

If you decide you want to turn your MOON or BRICK into fiat money, a exchange site such as Moonswap has to be used. There, you have also futher explanations on what MOON tokens are, explained in the Wiki.

If this post has started your interest in earning MOON or BRICK for yourself, a good point to start would be to make a reddit account and set up your vault. Here, you will again get a quick explanation on how everything works. Important final note: You must set up a vault in order to earn either tokens. Karma gained from before opening the vault DO NOT count towards the accumulation of tokens. 

For more information you can also read through the Moons Wiki on reddit.

I hope you enjoyed reading and have fun exploring the possibilities of earning crypto on reddit!

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Small time youtuber, interested in crypto earning possibilities.


Small time youtuber, interested in crypto earning possibilities.

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