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By Zatrig | Zatrig | 19 Oct 2020

First of all, please let me introduce myself: I am Sorina Hirschler, a former TSO (Transport Security Officer), logistic assistant, now trying to find the way between the jobseeking - which is an equation of many variables and often an overwhelming process, especially among these circumstances - and the freelancing - that is completely new for me and all the people I live with.
I live in Hungary, a rather small country in the east of Europe. I live in the capital, where probably there are more job and work opportunities than in the smaller or less central towns, but now as this pandemic came, it got a twist. Otherwise, my ability to find the opportunities are a little weak, too. That’s what I clearly have to work on.

In my closer family, everyone is an employee. The last entrepreneur I know about was one of my great-grandfathers, who had a workshop where he made frames for pictures. My grandfather did something like freelancing as a (someone like a visual merchandiser, but back then this profession didn’t even exist), but as I can recall, he also had a day job besides it (and this was in Hungary’s infamous socialist era when you could be incarcerated if you didn’t have a day job).

Besides this necessary self-education on this field, I work my way back to my other projects too – back then I was learning visual merchandising and sculpture as well. These were my love-projects as a teen and a young adult, even though I knew it will be a struggle to stay close to these industries (I was not quite an industrious and well-focused kid and this dizziness lasted for my early twenties).
Now this runs down in that I make illustrations for a literature periodical, or just on my own (unfortunately these hobby-pictures often end up on checkered papers, that makes them pretty unmanageable and I have to remake them in a „public” form), alongside with songwriting – and now I am navigating back to painting and sculpting. The latter is the most difficult, as all the excuses seem to be stronger than actual abilities: it needs space, devices, material.
But if I stick to this approach, I will never even start anything but complaining because everything comes with plenty of difficulties. A lot of blockages come out of this fear and this proclivity to create new and new pretensions – of course not missing any base: in plenty of cases, the obstacles do exist. But once I listened to a TED talk held by an Armenian war correspondent called Lara Setrakian. It contained some very quotable thoughts, but the most quotable among them was this:

„Everything depends on that, how you interpret reality.”

I liked this thought that much, I wrote it out in big letters on a piece of paper, like a pamphlet. Maybe not so informative, but those days it meant a lot for me because I got stressed over small stuff all the time. So I interpreted the reality quite poorly. Some of my jobs cost that, because all that my colleagues saw is that „this chick is stressed and tense all the time”. No one wants to work with someone like that, sharpened with that I also didn’t want to talk about these issues. I wanted to solve them quietly by myself instead.

So wish me courage, determination, and luck for the upcoming part of my life. Stay tuned, if the page’s curators want so, I’ll be back with a wide range of topics.


Work experiences, stories, arts, and more in one blog! I am Sorina, or as my nickname says, Zatrig. I live in Budapest, Hungary, now listening to Trio Mandili and getting my life together.

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