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More and more in awe of the world of Hive, I love the community's incentives to post. Today I bring the event SHARE YOUR BATTLE - GIANT ROC a very interesting Red Common Card. I recommend anyone playing splinterlands to participate in these events the money earned here can kick-start your game, helping you buy new cards to improve your in-game deck.


Giant Roc Card


Giant Roc é uma carta Comun Vermelha, Da coleção Alpha/Beta. Ela começa com a Habilidade Fly e Reach podendo adiquerir Trample a partir do lvl 6. Eu costumo colocar ela segunda posição para atuar como segundo tank, sua habilidade de Fly ajuda muito em esquiva e pricipalmente em rounds com terremeto.


My Team


The match would be with Equalizer and 42 mana, I knew the match would be heavy and +1 speed wouldn't help much, so I thought of Tarsa who gave +1 attack and +1 life to all allied cards, this bonus applies after the Equalizer effect leaving a small advantage, as it is a game with a lot of mana, I chose the most expensive creatures I had and went to fight.

Tarzan - My summoner for this game, good physical attack bonus and extra HP for all my cards.

Living Lava - Best physical red tank almost always on my plays with this color.

Giant Roc - The star of the team, I always use it as a secondary tank thanks to its reach ability, the only weak point is its low damage, it improves a little better thanks to the summoner's buff.

Tenyii Striker - one of my favorite new cards, it can attack the opponent's unprotected line thanks to its sneak skill and even combo with the summoner bonus.

Sand Worm - Hahaha the worm, I always use it in games with a lot of mana, its damage is high reaching 6 in a single hit and it still has the snak ability.

Serpentine Spy - excellent card with low mana cost, he is very fragile but with the Equalizer effect of the scenario makes him very good, practically nullifying his only weak point.

Lava Launcher - I was afraid of receiving some sneak attacks, so as lava luncher has a lot of damage and armor I thought it would be a good card to protect me from this type of attack.

The Battle


Round 1 - The game starts and my opponent appeared with a team of magic, completely nullifying the armor of my cards, the round was heavy and balanced, each player lost a card.


Round 2 - My team deals damage in almost all of the opponent's cards, with that none of his cards were defeated, on the other hand the opponent's damage was concentrated on the Giant Roc that didn't hold at the end of the round.


Round 3 - luckily the split damage play in the previous round gave a good result at the beginning of the round, with two of the opponent's creatures falling early before they even attacked, and my samurai is still standing.


Round 4 - It was a well balanced round, my samurai fell and the worm missed the tank that would be defeated if it hit = /.


Round 5 - I thought the game was balanced, but I forgot that I had a lot more damage, 6 dmg with the worm and 3 more dmg with the launcher and spy, when I saw there was only one card from the opponent.


Round 6 - Now the victory appeared, the opponent had practically no chance of winning, just watching his last card fall.


Final Result

The game was well balanced until the last two rounds, I had the advantage of having cards with much more damage like the Sand Worm which in each hit was worth 3 of the opponent.

Very cool this incentive to play with the old cards, last week it was the centaur and now the Giant Roc, I haven't played with them since the update, I even used it well, so much so that I used it in several other games. I won most of them so it looks like the Giant Roc got me lucky.

See you next week, Happy New Year!!!

Game Link: Splinterlands

Battle link: Zallin Vs. Fipoola

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