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Yes, this time the theme chosen was dragons, this week was a little different from the usual, being able to choose any card of dragons 🤩, it was very cool and I had no difficulty in getting a nice victory, it was difficult to choose which dragon among the many I have, I'm a Dragon fan 😍.




Among so many options I chose a classic card the FIRE SPITTER, it is very consistent and strong costing only 4 mana uses ranged attacks, has the fly skill at all lvls and dodge skill at lvl6, I use it in almost all my matches with dragons, it's also worth remembering that it has a special place in my collection because it was the first epic card I bought.


My Team


I used a standard formation with dragons and put one of the best tanks the Djinn Chwala followed by the Fire Spitter to cover, then I just completed the team according to what was left of mana. I made a mistake and forgot to use my angry chicken 😭.

DRAKE OF ARNAK - My summoner, has a bonus that helps a lot at the beginning of the game, helping the weakest cards to withstand at least 1 hit, makes a good combo with Serpentine Spy.

DJINN CHWALA - My main tank, has thorns skill, a lot of HP and armor, whenever possible I'm using it, very strong against red decks and in several matches she took down the entire opposing team alone

SERPENTINE SPY - Excellent red card, low mana cost and excellent damage followed with a very good skill capable of knocking down the opponent's weakest cards in 1 hit

GOBLIN FIREBALLER - Very basic shooter, I put it to complement the team.

FIRE SPITTER - The star of the team, has good damage at distance and speed, generally I put her in the last position because she manages to dodge very well from sneak attacks.


The Battle


Round 1 - The match starts, the first impression is that it would be a well balanced battle, the red summoner's damage bonus would give a good advantage throughout the match, but my summoner would shine if it ended quickly, the round ends with the opposing agent defeated, my tank almost didn't work, almost all the opponent's cards had sneak and opportunity.


Round 2 - right at the beginning of the round my spy defeats the opponent's syp mine only stayed alive thanks to the summoner bonus, the round ends with my fire spiter with 1 hp, he couldn't dodge any hits.


Round 3 - In this round the team's star falls, the samurai hit her very hard, but the opposing tank is defeated soon after thanks to my djiin's thorn, the advantage was on my side now.


Round 4 - Quickly another secondary tank of the opponent falls, leaving only the samurai in play, the samurai himself suffers a lot from the djinn's thorns, my victory was getting closer.


Round 5 - And finally the victory arrived, there was only one card left for my opponent and my tank still had a lot of HP it was hard for me to lose, the djiin's thorn skill ended the match.



It was a well balanced match at the beginning, my strategy was to end the game as quickly as possible and it worked, the summoner Drake bonus worked perfectly helping in the direct confrontation between the Serpentine Spys with mine taking the victory. my goblin was completely neutralized by the opposing tank and did nothing in the game until he fell and Fire splinter was well in the last position, absorbed a lot of hits and applied some damage. As almost all the opponent's cards were physical, the djinn's thorn skill was the highlight in the game, applied good damage and practically guaranteed the victory.

Thanks again for the opportunity to be here posting and participating in these events like Share Your Battle.

Have a nice day!😁


Game Link: Splinterlands

Battle Link: Zallin Vs. Afra3

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