The modern lifestyle is laden with digital technologies. We all want our desires to be fulfilled within seconds. Life has changed abundantly. The need to introduce a platform that can be utilized global for payment of services gave rise to the blockchain technology. Fiat and traditional institutions were unable to provide solutions that can resolve the current issues. At this stage a new project have been able to think about a revolutionary idea and how to implement a strategy on how to the global financial system can be resolved using the block chain platform

The YUSRA PLATFORM came up with a blockchain project that will serve a unique purpose.

The purpose of eliminating middle men in transaction. The need for all to provide lasting solutions to our modern financial needs. Providing a platform where developers and inventors can provide lasting solutions that will reduce financial needs. A rewards system for all who trusted and utilized the platform for financial transactions. The most impressing idea about YUSRA is that you do not need to own a token for you to interact with the platform. You can share your ideas for the development of the community.


These are challenges that token YUSRA is focused on. The main mission of YUSRA is to become an effective and liquid digital asset and an asset for investments and high income.

Also YUSRA wants to introduce the following

  • innovative social media DOBRO 2.0 where good deeds are rewarded financially;
  • a system including “reward for trust” and node supporting;
  • an opportunity to submit ideas to YUSRA community;
  • developing one’s own startup-platforms;
  • a progressive buyback and burning of YUSRA tokens by the holding for reducing the emission of coins. That will serve as a catalyst for growing YUSRA price and boosting liquidity within the YUSRA ecosystem.


THE YUSRA PLATFORM was designed using the Wave block chain platform and will offer the following services on it’s platform.

  • P2P platform for assets exchange
  • YUSRA MARKETPLACE; where members can go for shopping, mining, and investing.
  • Payment platform with YUSRA PAY using the YUSRA Token.
  • Travel portal for travelers.
  • Education platform.    



The YUSRA platform is an easy and smooth app to use. The website is secured with an SSL. Also users are reminded to activate their 2FA authentication before conducting any financial transaction on the platform. This is to provide a maximum security for everyone.


A 2-way authentication is needed to secure users account and also to reduce unwanted access to member’s transactions.



YUSRA PAY is a decentralized payment system on the YUSRA PLATFORM for fast, user-friendly, and safe transactions for delivering any services. Most services offered on the platform includes:

PAYMENT OF MOBILE SERVICES which might include recharges and data services.

TV subscriptions can also be renewed using the YUSRA pay option.

Also internet services payments are made available. So far this payments has been effective and efficient reducing the services of middle men and delays of payment.

Users can be rest assured that the transaction will be received and executed immediately without delay and cannot be monitored by third parties, including private individuals or governments.

THE YUSRA P2P Exchange

The P2P exchange on the YUSRA platform is decentralized. It is a Peer-2-Peer network operating on Smart Contracts where users buy and sell directly to one another, with only the DEX as a middleman. Without the high overhead and regulatory costs of doing business as a CEX. The P2p Exchange offers users of the platform a secured and trusted platform for buying and selling the YUSRA tokens.

It is easy to use. Orders are created simply by using the create button on the page where users are required to provide a total value of tokens they wanted to sell or buy.


The diagram above shows the P2P exchange inside the YUSRA ECOSYSTEM. The DEX allows users to buy and sell the token. Also there are centralized exchanges where people can buy and transfer into the platform for utility.


The YUSRA app comes with a wallet for users to save their cryptocurrencies. Currently. The platform supports the following wallet.


A user friendly wallet which allows users to send and deposit their cryptocurrency on the platform. The wallet is totally secured.


The YUSRA token was designed using the wave blockchain. The token serves as a utility for users on the platform. Payment of services which includes TV services renewals, Mobile services payment and other services on the platform can be done using the YUSRA token.

Total supply for the YUSRA is 40 million USD.  the YUSRA market capitalization is  82 000 000$ (9255 BTC)  as march 2020. This value is expected to raise as the platform grows.

A breakdown of how the token will be utilized.

5% (2 000 000 YUSRA) sold from November 2019 till June 2020;

5% (2 000 000 YUSRA) selling from June 2020 till January 2021;

5% (2 000 000 YUSRA)  Next sales starting from January 2021.

5% (2 000 000 YUSRA) were sold from August till November 2019;


The remaining 2 000 000 YUSRA (5% emission) are held in special wallets and used to finance the development of YUSRA token:

1, 2% (500 000 YUSRA) are held in the reserve fund and used for the further development of YUSRA cryptocurrency;

3,8% (1 500 000 YUSRA) are held in the marketing fund and have been used for the promotion of YUSRA, as well as paying bonuses to node leaders, salaries of team members, forming a prize fund for different promotions, financing launching of IT-projects etc.


A quick overview of the YUSRA ecosystem shows that the platform offers exclusively what was needed to curb the recent crisis on traditional institutions. The need to eliminate middle men that delay services. To reduces excess charges been levied on payment services and forms of online payments. I will recommend the YUSRA Platform as a utility platform because of the great services it offers especially in the areas of financial payments

TRADING THE YUSRA Token. Currently, the YUSRA token has been listed on various centralized exchanges with huge volumes. Exchanges like HOBIT, COINLIST, AND CREX24. You can also purchase the token form the website.

For more information on the YUSRA project, please visit;

Website :https://yusra.global/en/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/YusraGlobal

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Yusra_Global

Telegram: https://t.me/yusra_eng

POA: https://www.altcoinstalks.com/index.php?action=profile;u=14411



i do my thing on the wall.


YUSRA is based on Waves blockchain, token emission, and transaction processing in the net are built on the consensus algorithm Proof-of-Stake improved and modified by the YUSRA team.

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