Website for Travelers, Story Tellers etc which pays BCH to share Your .experience !

By cybercrypto | YourFinonymous | 11 Jun 2022



You can earn Bitcoin Cash (Crypto) Daily with just posting your thoughts, Daily Activities, Your Food Pics, or Any of your original work etc.
No need to hassle for anything. Everything is smooth.

Steps to Get Start Earning Bitcoin Cash

1. Visit this website

2. Create account By clicking on Get Started.


3. Register Yourself With correct email ID, username (Cannot be change later). 

4.Follow the steps as it says. You will create your Bitcoin Cash Wallet and You will get a 12 word Seed Phrase.

It is very important to keep that seed phrase safe. Your whole money is that wallet, if Lost no one can recover. Just like MetaMask.

5.  Now you are done with Creating account. Put your Profile Pic and Description

6. Be Patient now, Do not start posting rapidly and commenting you will be tagged spam and never earn anything even if you create another account.

7. Post your Introduction on First Day and comment on only 4-5 posts on first day.

8. 2nd Day start posting more about max 10 post day in interval of 2 Hours in this

     It has most number of subscribers so, post and reply on other people content to get tips.

{Things to Post 
-Your daily cooked Food
-Daily Random Thoughts
-Sky Pics and Your gardern pics
-Any of your view on crypto}

9. Read Rules Post everything orginal. It AI is very strict and instant Ban  you from earning anything.

10. Now reply other start interacting with others and increase followers. (This is Important)

Till this you my start earning about 0.1 - 0.3 Per post Daily in 1st week

11. Gradually It will start increasing. Main thing is to be Patient. and Your will earn 1$ a day in a month.

Things to Not DO
-Do not Spam Posts and Comments
-Do not copy anything from Google, Instant Ban
-Follow rules of each Channels

Any Problem Persists contact me on noise cash @cybercrypto I will help you

If You write Articles.
Create Account Here and Post only 1 post a Day. Bot will reward You

Same Rules Apply

Thank You

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