Play and Earn game Evolution land Detailed post how to earn from basics till making Profits

Play and Earn Crypto in Evoltution Land in Detail.

By cybercrypto | YourFinonymous | 10 Nov 2021

Evolution Land is Block-chain based plat to earn virtual land simulation game. You can earn crypto while playing these game. It has up-to 26 continents and it supports cross chain interactions.

Evolution Land – The Ultimate Asset Management Gaming

This post will go through walk through short and clear.

1. Download the MetaMask Extension on crome.

2. Register yourself in MetaMask and Put your pharse key
safe in google drive and written in book. 

3. After setup visit evolution land website


4. Here you will signup using you MetaMask wallet.

How To Use the MetaMask Ethereum Mobile Wallet | by Ruma Das | Coinmonks |  Medium

5. Make sure you are on Heco Mainnet in MetaMask network.


Now the game in load some time and Fairy open.

You can see there -


1. My assets - the assets which you had purchased in game

2. Land

3. My apostle

4. History

5. Inventory

So on...

till Log Out.


The game is similar to Township

You have to build your own town, city etc.

1.First here you will -

   Look for land which you want to buy - go to the Land Market option

2. Check the resources before buying and

3. Buy from evolution land team whichever land you want.

4. Go to the Gringotts and covert HT into Ring tokens. See how much is the exchange rate           offered for HT -> Ring.

5. After you can afford the number of rings buy the piece of land enter the amount at which

    you want to buy and place the bid. There is going to be auction and you should be lucky        to win.

6. After claiming the land it will show up in My Land section on the home page.

7. Then from here you can make some profits.

8. After you buy land now you and sell it gift it

9 Add a mine to it collect the resources and also can add Dapp.


Further continuing if you are lucky and get good land you can get some good returns.

NOTE :- Its always risky to play in these game, everyone wanna play cause they dont want to miss opportunity but be careful. No one is liable to your loss other than you.


Thank You


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