How to keep your cryptos 100% safe. Hackers are on their way.

How to keep your Crypto Currency safe 100%.

By cybercrypto | YourFinonymous | 4 Nov 2021

Are your Crypto's safe?

You may be thinking i have strong password, no one can hack it and all your money is safe but is it?

If many if you don't know may of the wallets and exchanges scammed a lot of people. 

First of all select an good wallet and Exchange which you can trust.
1. Binanace exchange is good

What are best ways to keep your crypto safe.

1. Mostly try to use cold wallets as hot wallets are connected to internet they are liable to get hacked and lose all your money.

2.Use different emails for different purposes. it will reduce the risk of losing your money if one account gets hacked.

3.Always keep your secret phrase in 2 places if you lose one. {Personal tip will be, keep on cloud drive in folders where no one can find}

4.Keep 2 factor authentication on always. It will keep your crypto safe.

Best wallets to keep in crypto



One of the most trusted and oldest wallet to keep all your cryptos. It is the original etherium wallet and one of the most used by people.

It has the highest security and supported at many of the websites.

But if you want new Web 3.0 wallet lastest technlogy then I present


Metamask - Compatible third-party Wallet | Ledger

Metamask is the new web 3.0 wallet which comes with an crome extension. No need email id nothing just install extension enter password ad create a account. One of the most safest place to store your crypto. It provides a secret phrase which we have to keep securely. it is the only way we can get back our cryptos back if lost then all your cryptos are gone, no would able to help you not even metamask team.
My personal choice cause most of the websites support metamask and the interface is just awesome to use. 

But if your still want an 100% secure wallet no one can hack it is the hard wallet. So i present

3. Trezor Trezor Model One - Crypto Hardware Wallet - The Most Trusted  Cold Storage for Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 and Many More (Black) :  Electronics


Trezor hard wallet not one of the but the most secure wallet to store big amount of cryptos without being hesitant. Why cause it just like an locker where you put all your money, here instead your can put all of your cryptos in these wallet. Unlike everyother it is a hardware physical wallet that you have to carry at keep at safe place cause you cannot lose it. It supports top most of the good crytos so you can easily transfer the crypto.
It is only wallet where you can keep large amount.
{personal choice keep in trezor wallet the safest}


*Note Do your own research before taking any recommendations seriously, Only you are liable what ever may happen.

Tip- Don't store large amount of cryptos in exchanges cause it cant trust when company goes down or when government may ban them all your cryptos can vanish so dont keep in Exchanges.

Thank You


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