Mining Bitcoin on your own PC with HoneyMiner!
Start Mining Bitcoin with HoneyMiner

Mining Bitcoin on your own PC with HoneyMiner!

By AhmadAlZohbi | YouCrypto | 18 Jul 2020


Today i'm going to show you how to Start mining Bitcoin on your PC, using HoneyMiner.

Simple Intro:

HoneyMiner is a Software that let you earn Bitcoin by using your PC's GPU and CPU

This Software can run on both OS (Windows & Mac)

Let's Start Mining :

- Go to :

And register with your email address


After Registering, Log in to your Account and Download the Miner


After downloading the HoneyMiner Software, Install it then Run it.

Then you'll be prompted to Log in to your account, so log in and you'll see the panel,

by default the Software will start mining, you can control those actions from settings panel.

HoneyMiner Running on PC in below snapshot :


and here we are, mining...

of course you'll notice the earning in the snapshot is low, that's due to using the CPU,

if you're using GPU, earning will be much higher,

the HoneyMiner will automatically detect your GPU and CPU.

Same software running process for the NiceHash in my previous post :

  • Both HoneyMiner and NiceHash also has a Referral program that can be useful if you're going to invite your friends.
  • I did not share my referral link for both (NiceHash and HoneyMiner) to keep my posts professional.
  • if you have any question, please leave a comment.

Thanks for reading, next posts will be tricks for making passive cryptocurrency income, and new Blogs for Software Development.

Stay tuned guys.


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