Mining Bitcoin on your own PC with NiceHash!
Mining Bitcoin using NiceHash

Mining Bitcoin on your own PC with NiceHash!

By AhmadAlZohbi | YouCrypto | 11 Jul 2020

Hello everyone,

Today i'm gonna show you how to start mining Bitcoin on you own PC using NiceHash,

Simple intro :

NiceHash software provide mining service on your PC and any other mining Hardware (ASIC...),

for PCs, mining process happens on both CPU and GPU, but keep in mind that GPU mining is way more profitable.

NOTE : This software runs on Windows PC :

Let's Start Mining !

- Go to

Sign UP and verify the email address.


Verify your Email

After Successfully Verifying you email address and logging in,

You'll have to Select the services as below, click SELECT SERVICES :

Select Services

Enable Cryptocurrency Mining, then click START USING NICEHASH, as below snapshot :

Select Mining

Your Dashboard will be Shown,

Now Click Mining tab then click DOWNLOAD MINER OR ADD ASIC

Mining - Download Miner

You'll be redirected to the miner software in GitHub,

As Shown below, Click Download NiceHash Miner installer


  • This program will flagged as a malware by your computer antivirus, while it's not a malware.
  • Make sure you let your Antivirus ignore it or disable your antivirus,
  • If you're using Google Chrome Browser, make sure you disable it's protection from Security Settings To be able to keep the downloaded software after download.

NiceHash Miner Installer

When download is complete, install the software and run it.

Let it finish loading and downloading needed miners..

When all done, go back to your account, you'll see your mining address

Mining Address

Copy the mining address and place it in the NiceHash miner.

Before Starting the mining process, Make sure you have your mining address placed, and your worker is named.


Now you are ready, Start Mining by pressing the Start Mining Circle

Start Mining

The software will start benchmarking first


when benchmarking is done, the mining process will begin.



  • The Snapshots are taken from my own personal PC, which does not have a supported GPU, so only the CPU is mining
  • On other medium performance CPU it will reach about 0.10$ per day,
  • With GPU in your PC, the profitability will jump up to more than 1 USD per day, depends on your GPU.
  • for example : NVIDIA GTX 1070 Ti will make about 0.79 USD per day (0.000086 BTC)
  • you can build your own Rig, with multiple GPUs for more profits..
  • You can install the software on multiple PCs, and place the same mining address you have.

Here is a list of supported GPU, CPU and other hardware with there profitability :

After few days of mining, check your account on NiceHash, and check your wallet, you'll see your mined Bitcoins !

I will share how to Withdraw you bitcoins from NiceHash in other posts.
also will share how to Mine Bitcoin on other operating systems.


If you have any questions, please leave a comment :)



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