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Making Music to Support Projects I Love

By Yoeshi | Yoeshi | 24 Feb 2020

For years I would write songs and then go play at coffee shops, bars, venues, you name it. Now I find more pleasure in creating songs with real world applications for marketing. Some might call that selling out, but to me it just gives me new things to write about and continue having fun with my craft. After a decade of writing hundreds of songs about love, politics, and stories of my life; I am now helping tell the stories of others.

For example I took some audio samples of a friend of mine, @heysamiilynn on twitter, talking about our favorite blockchain, Tezos. Then I chopped them into a beat I had made a while back. Giving her wise words and my music production new light. Thats what I want to share with you on this first post with PublishOx.

In another post I will explain my own thoughts on why I believe Tezos is a blockchain to pay attention to and potentially invest in, but for now I will let Sami tell her version. The video is in the links attached. Thank you for reading my first post and I hope you enjoy the song.

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Music and Video Composition, Graphic Design, Technical Analysis, Meme/Gifs, Tutorials...everything content creation. 10 Years Full-Time Performing Singer/Songwriter 5 Years-Licensed Massage Therapist 4 Years-Blockchain and Community Management


My entire life has been dedicated to the arts. Somehow it all seems to be culminating into one vision. Create content utilizing my crafts/trades to inspire and educate others. For over a decade I was a full time performing singer/songwriter. I learned to make my own graphics and videos to save money on flyers and marketing. 3 years ago I got into Blockchain. Now I create content mainly for that market and I love it.

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