Brave - Change settings to prevent Brave from using your GPU

By yhca | Yhca | 13 Apr 2021

Recently, I wrote an article on the Recent Changes of Brave which started to tap on your PC GPU - don't know what are they doing behind, taking your PC for mining perhaps?

So I was thinking if there is a setting in Brave that can remove it from using my GPU and I found it. 

I would encourage all of you to do this so that it will be less taxing on your PC and make your PC to run smoothly again without lag.

At the top right corner displayed three lines, click on it then go Settings.

Scroll down right at the bottom of the setting list, there's a link that says "Additional Settings". Click on it.

Scroll right down to System, you will see "Continue running background apps when Brave is closed" and "Use hardware acceleration when available". Switch both of them off. Then you will see Brave gone from your GeForce GPU panel display. :)

Now you can use Brave with ease without overthinking and advertisements still come in for you to earn BAT tokens. 



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