XRP EW Update 28/03/2022 Trying To Count Upward (3)

Good morning all,

Thought I would give you a quick update, so far everything is going as expected, the triangle completed as anticipated and we saw a thrust upward.

So far we have not seen big price movements.  We are hopefully still in the early phase of this next upward zigzag, and It feels very comfortable, I will get more worried when we see big price movements.


So we still need to print a higher high and I hope to see that happen fairly soon since I have us now in a third wave after completion of the X triangle. 

No change to big picture....


So hopefully we see some more upward price action in the next couple of days. 

Good luck & chat soon!


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trader / crypto investor EW specialist, counting $ES_F & $XRP no financial advice, for educational purposes

XRP EW Price Prediction by Xenne van der linde
XRP EW Price Prediction by Xenne van der linde

EW specialist, many years experience in counting waves counting XRP since the end of 2019 no financial advice, for educational purposes

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