Full List of Ripple Customers (2019/2020 UPDATE)

By Farmer. | XRP community | 17 Oct 2019

At this point, it’s very well known that Ripple is the most accomplished when it comes to forming partnerships and breaking into the existing business world. After all, it is a project the target market of which is primarily B2B. 

Even so, the sheer quantity and quality of the partnerships is staggering, considerably outshing anything that other projects have established. There is a certain unmatched recognition that Ripple possesses, and a certain amount of that must undeniably come from a veritable utility of Ripple’s banking solutions. It wouldn’t have attracted these players if it weren’t actually good, in other words.

Ripple’s executives have also been cozying up to some insiders in the financial industry, like Christine Lagarde, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director and soon to be chairman of the European Central Bank (ECB). Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple’s CEO, has compared the RippleNet to SWIFT 2.0, a comparison that has been warmly received.

Indeed, the slew of successful pilot programs, and the general warming of the sentiment towards Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs), bodes well for Ripple and XRP - which holds an iron grip on this niche of the market. The few that utilize other solutions are just that - a few. Even within this small group, the majority of solutions are independently created by the financial institution. JP Morgan Chase is a good example of this. 

While companies building their own blockchain solutions is something we’ll increasingly see in the years to come, these solutions may not be able to keep up with that of Ripple’s itself - simply because Ripple has a dedicated business and technical development team that already entrenched itself deeply in the financial system. Why spend resources on an internal solution (at least if it focused on the same pain points) when you can leverage an already existing solution that has a significant number of institutions (Over 200 at this point) using it?

What Kind of Partners?

The financial institutions that make up the RippleNet include a diverse set of entities, including central banks, private banks, remittance firms, brokerages and payments providers. It is indeed very much an upgrade over the existing SWIFT messaging system, which is bogged down by lengthy transaction times, expensive processing fees and uncertainty in transaction execution.

Ripple’s three products, xRapid, xCurrent and xVia, have all been merged into being on the RippleNet, which, as I mentioned, has demonstrably proven itself to be better than SWIFT in every which way possible. If Ripple didn’t have solutions that worked, no one would be on the RippleNet. 

These partners now have a worldwide network upon which they can rely on to facilitate international transactions. It’s a win-win for all stakeholders involved.

List of Ripple Partners/RippleNet Members 

This list is almost complete - I couldn’t manage to find each and every partner, but it’s comprehensive enough. If I have missed any, do let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to the list. A lot of the credit goes to the website Rppl.info, which has done an excellent job of collating information relating to Ripple. Many thanks to community members responsible for the website.


  1. American Express
  2. Standard Chartered
  3. Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  4. PNC Financial Services
  5. Cuallix
  6. Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union
  7. Star One Credit Union
  8. CBW Bank
  9. Cross River Bank
  10. Royal Bank of Canada
  11. DH Corporation
  12. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
  13. Scotiabank
  14. Bank of Montreal
  15. ATB Financial
  16. TD Bank Canada
  17. Saldo
  18. Interbank
  19. Euro Exim Bank
  20. Bank of England (Central bank)
  21. HSBC
  22. Barclays
  23. Vitesse
  24. Royal Bank of Scotland 
  25. Credit Agricole
  26. Natixis
  27. Banco Santander
  28. BBVA
  29. Banca Intesa Sanpaolo
  30. UniCredit
  31. Reise Bank
  32. Fidor Bank
  33. Rabobank
  34. Erste Group AG
  35. UBS
  36. Credit Suisse
  37. Nordea
  38. Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB
  39. Akbank
  40. Bank Leumi Le-Israel
  41. National Bank of Kuwait
  42. Kuwait Finance House
  43. Bank Dhofar
  44. Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (Central bank)
  45. First Bank of Abu Dhabi
  46. RakBank
  47. Al Rajhi Bank
  48. DBS Group
  49. OCBC Bank
  50. United Overseas Bank
  51. Singapore Exchange
  52. Krungsri
  53. Bank of Thailand (Central bank)
  54. Bank of Indonesia (Central bank)
  55. Siam Commercial Bank
  56. Cargills Bank
  57. Kotak Mahindra Bank
  58. IndusInd Bank
  59. Axis Bank
  60. Yes Bank
  61. Faysal Bank
  62. Shanghai Huarui Bank
  63. Woori Bank
  64. SBI Holdings
  65. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group
  66. Fukui Bank
  67. Star Bank
  68. Aomori Bank
  69. Ashikaga Bank
  70. Awa Bank
  71. AEON Bank
  72. Senshu Ikeda Bank
  73. Iyo Bank
  74. Oita Bank
  75. Orix Bank
  76. Gumma Bank
  77. Keiyo Bank
  78. San-In Godo Bank
  79. Sikoku Bank
  80. 77 Bank
  81. Shimizu Bank
  82. Juroku Bank
  83. Shinkin Central Bank
  84. Shinsei Bank
  85. Hachijuni Bank
  86. Michinoku Bank
  87. Mizuho Financial Group
  88. Musashino Bank
  89. Nomura Trust and Banking Company
  90. Seven Bank
  91. Sony Bank
  92. Yachiyo Bank
  93. Tochigi Bank
  94. Bank of the Ryukyus
  95. Chiba Bank
  96. Chugoku bank
  97. Daishi Bank
  98. Daiwa Next Bank
  99. Hiroshima Bank
  100. Hyakugo Bank
  101. Suruga Bank
  102. Yamaguchi Bank
  103. Hokuriku Bank
  104. Nishi-Nippon City Bank
  105. North Pacific Bank
  106. Resona Bank
  107. Shikoku Bank
  108. Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank
  109. Toho Bank
  110. Tsukuba Bank
  111. Yamagata Bank
  112. Bank of Yokohama
  113. SBI Sumishin Net Bank
  114. ANZ
  115. Westpac
  116. Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  117. Macquarie Group
  118. National Australia Bank

Remittance/Money Transfer Firms

  1. American Express FX International Payments
  2. InstaRem
  3. SendFriend
  4. Beetech
  5. Viamericas
  6. Transpaygo
  7. UniPAY
  8. MoneyGram
  9. Zip Remit
  10. Itau Unibanco
  11. Western Union
  12. UAE Exchange
  13. TransferGo
  14. SBI Remit
  15. FlashFX
  16. Earthport

Foreign Exchange Companies

  1. Currencies Direct
  2. FairFX
  3. RationalFX
  4. Exchange4Free
  5. Bexs Banco
  6. eZforex
  7. FlashFX

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

  1. Coinone
  2. SBI Virtual Currencies

Payments Providers

  1. Mercury FX
  2. Cambridge Global Payments
  3. Finastra
  4. Davis + Henderson (D+H)
  5. Finablr
  6. LianLian Pay
  7. IDT
  8. GoLance
  9. AirWallex
  10. Dlocal
  11. TAS Group


  1. MoneyMatch
  2. Volante
  3. Expertus
  4. Temenos
  5. CGI Group
  6. Yantra Financial Technologies


  1. Deloitte
  2. Accenture
  3. Arrington XRP Capital
  4. We Make Price
  5. Selly
  6. The Asia MTM Group
  7. IDT
  8. Bichip

Will Ripple Replace SWIFT?

An important question, but an easy one to answer in my opinion: yes. The ball is already, and how! The pace at which banks are joining, testing, and praising Ripple and its solutions is so evident that the contrary argument cannot be taken seriously. 

Ripple is one of the earlier projects in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, and its continued survival, growth and acceptance is a testament to the fact that it is a legitimate solution to modern banking solutions. 

In addition to the obvious benefits of time and cost savings that is generally spoken about a lot in crypto discussions, Ripple also provides partner institutions on-demand liquidity - so instead of having to pre-fund destination accounts with the local currency, XRP can be used. This means quicker settlements, lower costs and better exchange rates.

If you ask me, it’s not a question of whether Ripple will replace SWIFT. It’s happening already. 


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