Top 5 ChangeNOW's Cryptocurrency Wallet Partners

Top 5 ChangeNOW's Cryptocurrency Wallet Partners

By xqanxxx | xqanxxx | 16 Jun 2020

As part of the process to excel in the crypto industry, it is highly recommended for a project to establish partnerships with external parties, most especially blockchain projects to help achieve their course. 

Partnering with others comes with many benefits. This ranges from mutual support to knowledge, skills, experience, and resource sharing. Most importantly, it has a great impact on a company's growth. Almost every day we hear news of projects partnering with each other and changeNOW is no exception.

Let’s look in turn at changeNOW's business partnership with top crypto wallets in the market today.

1 Atomic Wallet

Atomic wallet is a non-custodial multi-crypto wallet that allows users to conveniently manage, exchange, buy, and stake their cryptocurrencies. Atomic Wallet was foundered by Konstantin Gladych who was the former CEO of Changelly - instant exchange. With more than 500 cryptos and tokens supported, you don't necessarily need an additional wallet on your phone. 

It is decentralized and equally secure like the other wallets. Developed for various operating systems allowing for easy synchronisation between devices. 

Atomic Wallet is the recommended Wallet on Publish0x and can be used to purchase cryptocurrencies with discount in AWC, instant swap crypto with up to 1% cashback. Stake your favorite POS assets in Atomic and start generating passive income while you hold your keys. Being the first decetrilized crypto wallet to roll out a token, you can now enjoy up to 23% APR for staking its native token AWC. 

2 Ledger 

Ledger is a series of multi-crypto hardware wallets that store private keys of your crypto offline. It's one of the secure hardware that you can use to store your crypto if you planning to hold for a longer period.

The devices we use in accessing our cryptos via a wallet can easily be compromised and as such, hardware tries to disintegrate these vulnerable devices like the smartphones and PCs from our private keys. 

We currently have the Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X in the market today and support 1250+ cryptos. Ledger products use certified secure chips and dedicated operating systems to ensure your funds are always safe. With the help of the Ledger Live software developed by the Ledger team, users can easily manage, send, and receive cryptos.

3 Trezor 

Trezor is another hardware that helps you save a wide range of cryptocurrencies offline. Due to ensuring their products are secure, Trezor employs various security mechanisms. These include a firmware verification procedure that makes sure the device runs only if the firmware (a permanent software coded on a RAM) is properly signed, a convenient and reliable way to back up and restore your wallet even on other wallet interfaces, the use of PIN is a means to authorize transactions, etc.

With the notion that hardware wallets are difficult to use, Trezor debunks this belief by introducing the Trezor Wallet just like that of Ledgers'. The Trezor Wallet provides an easy-to-use and intuitive interface for owners of Trezor to access, manage and do what is required of a wallet with their funds. Users also have access to responsive and 24/7 customer support.

Trezor has been either verified, reviewed, and endorsed by big guys in the industry like Forbes, CNN, Coindesk, etc.

4 Guarda Wallet

Guarda wallet started back in 2017 with its first product being an android Ethereum wallet. Since then, Guarda has expanded its business to offer a wide range of crypto services. The Guarda Wallet is a custody-free wallet that supports all the top cryptocurrencies with the ability to exchange, buy, and stake. 

The Wallet comes in the form of a Web wallet, Mobile, Desktop, and a browser extension (chrome). This means you can use Guarda Wallet to manage a dozen coins and tokens regardless of your Operating system or device. 

Other products from the team you can utilize include the Guarda token generator that makes it possible for anyone to issue an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network with few clicks, the web-based exchange for instant swapping of cryptos, etc. 

5 Edge Wallet

Edge is a multi-asset crypto wallet that provides a secure, and privacy-inclined way of managing dozen of cryptocurrencies while making ease of use priority. with Edge, besides storing your crypto, you can seamlessly convert your crypto to another and also buy and sell crypto for FIAT. All these activities can be carried out in one place.

In addition, Edge Wallet also supports mobile top-ups and the purchase of gift cards which is powered by other blockchain service providers through partnership. 

Edge Wallet has its roots in security and employs state of the art series of layers to ensure your funds are safe. It is currently available on both android and IOS.

Final Thought 

All these wallets use changeNOW's instant exchange service. This strategic partnership helps both parties in different ways. This has helped ChangeNow gained trust in the crypto space as one of the popular saying goes "birds of the same feathers flock together". Working hand in hand with these reputable companies in industry has helped in winning the hearts of many users and gradually increase sales.

ChangeNOW partnership programme is open for all businesses and individuals to inculcate the instant exchange service into their applications to generate additional revenue. 

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