[Infographic] Why Build On Algorand

[Infographic] Why Build On Algorand

By xqanxxx | xqanxxx | 23 Nov 2020


In today's growing economy, building high-performance applications require state of the art infrastructure. In reference to blockchain solutions, Algorand's pure proof-of-stake blockchain is endowed with powerful features and functionalities that people will need in building next-generation decentralized applications. Learn why it is important to consider Algorand blockchain in building your solutions:

Build Reliable Applications

The Algorand blockchain serves as a building block for the development of sophisticated and high-performance financial tools, services, and processes. Leveraging Layer 1 features such as Atomic Transfers, Algorand Standard Assets & Algorand smart contract, etc., developers and businesses are guaranteed to build fully decentralized, secure, and scalable financial solutions.

Dev Tools & Resources

Get access to comprehensive and current developer tools and resources to facilitate the development of various solutions on Algorand. Algorand provides SDKs for popular languages and has a portal strategically design for developers. The developers portal serves as a repository for tutorials, sample codes, tools, and several others. Algorand recently launched the "Developer Office Hours" to help devs wanting to build on Algorand.

Grants & Funding

The Algorand Foundation has grant programs designed to encourage entrepreneurs to flesh out innovative ideas and solutions while leveraging the Algorand blockchain. The foundation is offering 250 million ALGO to foster the development of the ecosystem. Notable partner programs include the Algorand Europe Accelerator and Algorand Asia Accelerator.

Advisory Service

The Algorand team is made up of experts in various fields of study and will help projects and developers with the necessary assistance to enable them to build great and borderless applications. There is also a dedicated developer relations team to help you from scratch to the final stage of the development cycle.

For more information visit https://algorand.com/ and https://algorand.foundation/ 



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