BAT Ranked Second As One Of The Top ERC20 Tokens

By xqanxxx | xqanxxx | 14 May 2020

"Santiment" a behavior analytics platform that provides charts and market insights of over 900 cryptocurrencies tracked the activities of top ERC20 for a period of 30 days. The study was focused on ERC20 tokens with the biggest amount of Average Daily Active addresses throughout the period.

However, Stablecoins that conform to the ERC20 token standards like $DAI were excluded in addition to tokens with a volume of less than $1 million.Ā 


According to the data from Santiment, ChainLink ($LINK) took first place with a total of 3,388 active addresses which was accompanied by market capitalization of $1.3 billion and a trading volume of $437.84 million. $LINK was the only token to have a market cap over a billion-dollar.

The Basic Attention Token ($BAT) came second, with 2,486 daily active addresses on an average. It also had a volume and market capitalization of $118.23 million and 295.91 million respectively. We saw the like the 0x, Enjin Coin, Kyber Network, Status, Unibright, and featured in that order.

With an average daily activate addresses of 505, bottomed the list even though it had a larger market cap and volume than Unibright.

Below is an infographic of the full list of the tokens and their corresponding market cap and volume powered by the @TheDaoMaker


Brave And BAT Growth

It is now obvious that a lot of people have been trading BAT in the past weeks. This has somehow reflected in the price of BAT on the market as it is trading at $0.20 per coin at the time of posting. Could it be as a result of the Binance partnership?

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We can argue that the Brave - Binance Partnership which enabled users to trade from their Brave browser has contributed to the growth of the Brave browser and BAT token. CO-Founder and CEO Brave, Brendan Eich in a tweet yesterday threw more light on the significant growth in brave users:


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