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FUDers, Scammers and Spammers - An Enigma Demystified (Last Chapter: Spammers)

By ltanase14 | X-Market | 4 May 2021


Big thanks to all of you who supported and provided appreciation to my previous blog posts Chapter 1:FUDers and Chapter 2:Scammers.

As promised, I have documented, investigated, and provided the below information on spammer tactics, behavior, and how they react when they are caught with "dirty" hands. I am aware that I will get some dislikes from real scammers who are hiding out there, but I rely on the good community to support this article. 

Across my past weeks experienced as a Telegram community mod, I noticed 3 types of peoples who can make some good "damages" to the credibility of a good project:

  • FUDers;
  • Scammers;
  • Spammers.

I will begin to talk about all of these three categories and explain from a mod perspective the categories which I encountered in a chat, what are their "modus operandi", how they react, what is their behavior, and how it can create in a cascade real fear and doubt even in the most loyal investors.

This blog post is the third and last one, which I will dedicate specially to Spammers, this is why I called Chapter 3: Spammers, let's begin our journey in demystifying this type of peoples.


A spammer is a person or group that sends you emails you don't want and didn't sign up for. The email a spammer sends is called spam.

Now it should make more sense for anyone who is a spammer person. The main point is that even we, in our daily life, could become for 5 minutes or 1 hour a simple and basic spammer. That is reality. But now we are discussing a certain topic in the crypto world, and this is about being a professional and regular spammer.

I will discuss below 3 main categories of possible spammers which I identified as a local moderator and community manager in an ICO telegram channel. 

Regular Spammer

This fellow could be anyone, even you the reader, who can post a certain idea or link in several social media groups and see by others as spam. Sometimes a simple post can transform you into a spammer, actually an innocent spammer. How can we prevent it? Be aware of your actions, be honest with yourself, and think before posting certain promotional content or links.

In the crypto world, identifying a regular scammer can be the easiest action, and sometimes the most inoffensive.  The image below express best my thoughts:



Professional Spammer

Now we are getting closer to business. Observing a professional spammer is not an easy task for a regular moderator. He can be such a great cool guy, who is posting every day and helping others in the community, but actually is targeting a specific person at some time, when he thinks the best, he will start messaging with professional links where can trick a regular user to sign up in all of his business-related topics. 

There are some statistics somewhere, that if 5 minutes of a spammer's time gets into regular user attention, he can gain hundreds of dollars profit from his spamming techniques.  A professional spammer's techniques can be often notice in how carefully he pick the words, targets, and business-related topics. Sometimes, a simple spammer can transform into a scammer also.


Group-Bot Spammer

This is relatively new, there are certain groups on different social media platforms where they gather large community of thousand and hundreds of users, where they are looking and searching for potential targets to enter in their chat rooms and actually spam like your worst nightmare. 

I was witnessing one of this special technique of a group spammer which actually was a bot spamming attack, where hundreds of real users entered in a telegram chat, and the high number of new persons were so huge that the defensive bot implemented was not able to block and suddenly we were woken up with hundreds of spam messages. That is an interesting attack spamming group-bot. Is not very often, but as a warning, you should be prepared with the highest defensive techniques in protecting your own community chats.


To conclude this investigative article and blog post, I am aware that I did not cover all possible "Spammer" typologies and maybe I missed a lot of other information, but this post was presented to you through the eye of a moderator experience after days and days of deep investigation, research, and documentation.


In the end:
Thank you for getting the time to read my blog post, you can always support me by appreciating through the TIP, Like, or positive comment (or all of them).

Please take your time and review my previous and first chapter if you did not read it: Chapter 1:FUDers and Chapter 2:Scammers.

p.s.: Stay tuned for the next blog post, I am gonna present to you the best student initiative crypto-coin!

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