Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

FUDers, Scammers and Spammers - An Enigma Demystified (Chapter 1: FUDers)

By ltanase14 | X-Market | 15 Apr 2021


In my daily life, I am a DevOps IT person and also moderating a local community group on telegram for an ICO for which I will write in another blog post about it and telling you my story through my own experience.

Across my past weeks experienced as a Telegram community mod, I noticed 3 types of peoples who can make some "damages" on a good project:

  • FUDers
  • Scammers
  • Spammers

I will begin to talk about all of these three categories and explain from a mod perspective the categories which I encountered in a chat, what are their "modus operandi", how they react, what is their behavior, and how it can create in a cascade real fear and doubt even in the most loyal investors.

This blog post is the first one, which I will dedicate specially to FUDers, this is why I called Chapter 1: FUDers, let's begin our journey in demystifying this type of peoples.



An acronym that stands for “Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.” It is a strategy to influence perception of certain cryptocurrencies or the cryptocurrency market in general by spreading negative, misleading or false information.

The above quotation is very general information for crypto-beginner what is the acronym FUD, but for a day to day investor in the crypto world is a headache, because it could lead him to false information and misleading intentions.

To deep dive into this topic for all types of audience, I am gonna categorize the FUDers first and then explain their behavior initially (sometimes they are acting identically, they should be more creative).




This type of FUDers usually acts like they read a few sources and know all the facts regarding a certain project. They do read, but only short and in between the lines, since every time their own questions have a very answer if they would read twice the same source whenever they would question the project itself.

Usually, I would call them amateurs since they do not have the real intention of spreading fear or doubt, but were only being driven to act like this due to some very well article written with the only purposes to mislead and offer false facts.

In most of the cases, the amateur FUDers will repeat the same question or appropriate questions/facts which others post since they were manipulated to act like this.


This category of FUDers they are more clever and smart than amateur one, they usually make their own research very well, read the whitepapers, research documents, reviews from google.
Usually how they behave:

  • the lonely "wolf";
  • in pairs (2-3) or with 2-3 fake/same accounts of the same FUDer.

The "lonely wolf" typology

In most of the cases, the "wolf' will become prepared with questions addressed to the wide general public who might not do the same research before as an administrator of a project, and his only intention is to introduce some doubt into a normal investor with a tricky and very good and pointed question. Sometimes, even a moderator can be tricked with his own answers provided, if the explanation is not enough to satisfy any kind of doubt addressed. They are very well professional inputting and using the right words in a question used to mislead indirectly. They will not enter in any kind of fight or behave badly with words, but they will self-victimize intentionally to get attention from other users and they will stop when they see that no one is reacting to their behavior.

The "twins/pairs" typology

Usually, the "twins" or the "pairs", are a group of 2-3 professional FUDers who invite each other in a certain forum or group, and each one of them has a very solid profile built to be real, but the only way to figure out is when one is posting and the other one is commenting in about 2-3 seconds like it was reading his minds and it was his half twin brother (or sister). They behave in a logical order, with the purpose to bring suspicion into other users and investors. 

There is another type of category, where one single professional FUDer has several fake accounts, usually, they act identically like the "twins", but they have something specific to identify them (usually the other fake accounts they hide their own usernames or some identification parts). Sometimes they even make mistakes and they can reply with the other fake accounts like it was replying with his own real account.


The "Trader" typology

I was almost missing this type of professional FUDer, usually, they are traders of an investment and they want to manipulate others to sell their own share so they can lower the price creating a feeling of real dip and buy it. Usually, they are not spreading fake news, only manipulating information or spread fear and uncertainty with the sole purpose to buy cheap and then selling high (usually they are the ones who also try to manipulate and being displayed as the today "heroes"  of the crypto-coin).



There is also a side effect of this FUD-ing intentionally, there is an effect called "collateral damage" where regular peoples are being influenced in an indirect way by the amount of FUD-ing being spread, even they are aware of the situation that is being posted with a misleading purpose or with bad intentions, they will be considered as collateral damage, and always a good project should have a plan of providing reassurance of confidence into the regular peoples. Actually, constant communication, transparency, and informing regular users of quality and constant information is the key to success against the most professional FUDers.

To conclude this investigative article and blog post, I am aware that I did not cover all possible FUDers typologies and maybe I missed a lot of other information, but this post was presented to you through the eye of a moderator experience after days and days of deep investigation, research, and documentation.


Every investment opportunity or ICO, which I will present and describe does not guarantee you a profit, always do a DYOR before. 

In the end:
Thank you for getting the time to read my blog post, you can always support me by appreciating through the TIP, Like or positive comment (or all of them).

p.s.: Stay tuned for the second chapter: Scammers !
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