CNN journalists accused of working with Hamas for a good story.

Did journalists have inside information about the Hamas attack on October 7th and kept quiet for a good story? 🀫🀐

By Josua1 | | 9 Dec 2023


In this article, we will look at a report that appeared in the "Express" (Austrian news agency) on November 9th. A massive suspicion is expressed here, which - if confirmed - will cause some controversy. In Israel, too, the news has already raised a few eyebrows and has many people wondering about the consequences should the allegations prove to be true. The question that now arises is: where did the insiders get their information from? πŸ€”

EXTRACT: "It is a massive suspicion. It is corroborated by the analysis of numerous pictures of the massacre by Hamas terrorists in Israel. Photo reporters from the Associated Press, Reuters, CNN and the New York Times may have been privy to Hamas' terror plans. What's striking is that they were on the scene as soon as the slaughter began, so given the timing, one might think they had been informed beforehand and were waiting on the scene to be deployed."

An unbelievable suspicion that leaves the reader stunned, especially if it is confirmed there were journalists who could have prevented this massacre but preferred to remain silent in order to be the first to get good pictures of the crime and to be able to make a name for themselves with the first detailed articles about the massacre. It is also striking in this context that never before has such a brutal crime been documented in such detail as the one on October 7th of this year, quite apart from the failure of the security forces at the scene of the crime, whose background could not been clarified to this day.



In view of all these inconsistencies, you have to ask yourself how the journalists managed to be on site with the help of such perfect timing, to take the best pictures and to be left alone by Hamas, with whom they (allegedly) did not cooperate. Of course, you can now argue that the terrorists themselves took pictures and filmed them, but that doesn't explain why there were normal journalists alongside them who were already in the right place for the best pictures in advance, without having to fear any attacks during the event for a reason that everyone can probably imagine (keyword: teamwork). πŸ™„

EXCERPT2: "This raises a serious, almost unbelievable suspicion. "What were they doing there so early on a normally quiet Saturday morning?" asked the media monitoring agency HonestReporting. Was this whole operation already coordinated with Hamas? Analysis of the images of lynchings, kidnappings and the storming of an Israeli kibbutz suggests so. One of the photographers, Hassan Eslaiah, works for AP and CNN. Among other things, he filmed the Hamas invaders entering the kibbutz. You can see a burning house inside the community and terrorists trying to break through the kibbutz fence."

What is particularly explosive is that footage has now emerged showing Eslaiah alongside the Hamas leader, with whom he appears to have a deep friendship. You really have to ask yourself: what is happening here, what is actually going on? In addition to the photo, a video of the supposedly "serious mainstream journalist" Eslaiah has also emerged in which he says in Arabic: "All those who were in this tank were kidnapped, all of them were kidnapped recently by the All-Qassam Brigades (the armed wing of Hamas), as we saw with our own eyes." Shouldn't the familiarity between CNN & Co and the Hamas terrorists now finally crumble the trust of the last sheeple🐏 πŸ‘ in their beloved mainstream media?



As if that wasn't enough, we also have Yousef Masoud, another photographer who works for the New York Times, among others, in this story. This journalist was also in Israeli territory just in time to take photos of tanks, and he also photographed the pickup truck with the body of the German-Israeli hostage Shani Louk. More such examples are given in the article, and the question is: how is this possible, how could these people know this and was there actually cooperation here that is being concealed from us for obvious reasons? πŸ€₯

Are people now falling away from faith at the latest, if they haven't already fallen away from faith in a free, objective, unbiased and trustworthy press? Have many things in history always been staged? I mean, it's an accusation, it's a suspicion, it's being analyzed for now, nothing has been officially confirmed yet, but you can imagine what this scandal could trigger on the international stage if these accusations are confirmed, precisely because it's about public service media, which for the first time can be exposed even in the mainstream itself as the lying press that they are and always have been!

The question is, of course, whether this scandal will really be investigated seriously, especially when some countries have their own staged "scandals" (keyword: distraction) and it is to be feared the public interest of the citizens will be diverted to other topics again for the self-protection of the media? I am pretty sure they will try to do exactly that in every country, which will be difficult this time, because this accusation has it all, among other things because of the murdered hostage Shani Louk, whose pictures have now been distributed worldwide and whose life could have been saved by the journalists.



Everyone can do their own research on the subject and it is certainly worth keeping up to date here, because one thing is clear: these machinations will certainly cause a stir in future and it is doubtful the media will manage to permanently distract the world from this scandal this time too!

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