Ecosystems and Capital

Radix is about 7 months away from the biggest product release in its history.

From a technology perspective, it’s a paradigm shift in the way that decentralized financial applications are built, secured, interoperate, and scale.

The sad, but true, lesson of history, however, is that the best technology doesn’t always win.

And this is what keeps me up at night.

For a Web3 project to be successful, it needs great tech (check), a great community of believers (check), an ecosystem of dapps, and inflows of capital.

Until now, because of the tech’s development, an ecosystem of interconnected dapps and interconnected capital has simply been impossible.

But, soon, it will be possible.

Then the multi-sided market challenge really becomes evident.

For developers to invest their time and money into dapps on Radix, they need to believe there will be capital there to draw from.

And for capital to come from other places (whether other crypto networks or the fiat world), they need to believe that the products and services offered by dapps on Radix are radically different and radically better than those offered elsewhere.

Particularly in a tough crypto and macro environment.

It’s the chicken-and-egg problem.

For it to be successful, we have to play to our strengths and minimize our weaknesses. That’s cliche, of course, but true.

The real question on which we need to continually hone in on as we get closer is: How?

The good news is we know that and we’re starting, but we also know that strategy must be adaptive.

It’s going to be interesting, no matter what.

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