1000 Little Things

By jer979!! | | 25 Apr 2022

One of the things we talk about at Radix is how the financial system is not broken (at least for ppl in the first world) in a big way. It’s 1000 little things that are broken.

Like the fact that it takes 3-5 days for an ACH transfer to settle; the fact that it takes weeks and huge fees for international wires to settle; and the fact that so much of our reporting is still paper-based, when we live in a digital economy.

The other day, I was talking to one of the newer employees at Radix and one of the newer, more junior members of the marketing team.

In my (semi-humble) opinion, most people look at marketing as these “big moments,” with the Super Bowl ad being the pinnacle.

In my opinion, it’s the 1000 little moments that make up great marketing. The attention to detail at an event, the lack of typos in an email, the courteous customer service rep, the easy FAQ….all of these things lead up to a great brand.

And yes, they are hard.

I’ve been watching the “Winning Time” about the rise of the LA Laker dynasty and in episode 4 (#SpoilerAlert), the new coach talks about to create an offense that flows “like water” (ht: Bruce Lee).

I think of Marketing this way as well. It’s the 1000 little things, all flowing like water (hopefully) by people all over the world in an invisible, but yet coordinated way.

Like starlings…

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