Steemmonsters/Splinterland - Is Untamed Cards on Sale?

By mawit07 | | 31 Dec 2019

Today a new Untamed airdrop was introduced and I thought about looking at purchasing the card as it is a rare dragon summoner "Drake of Arnak". I like it because it gives a +1 in toughness to all friendly monsters. It came down to price of the summoner and currently it is selling at around $0.65, but if one is lucky with timing they can probably snatch one around $0.50 - $0.60!



As prices for Untamed summoners have held steady, around just under $0.60 for most I was also wondering if monster cards have fallen in value. The result was confirm with just looking at the cheapest card players can get. There are at least (6) commons that have multiple cards selling for under $0.03! Does this mean they are bad? Heck no! "Tortisian Fighter" at $0.029 when at level 8 has the repair ability. While "Giant Scorpion" at $0.025 when at level 5 has the thorn ability!

Real Value of Untamed Cards?

When Untamed was introduced about a month ago I remember commons were selling for what beta commons were. What has happened recently is the market has been flooded with more Untamed which is forcing sellers to lower prices. This is inherently built into the Untamed cards. With 1.2 million packs to be created versus 900k in Beta there will be more Untamed cards. Furthermore the DEC burn rate of Untamed are less than that of Beta and Alpha. For a quick comparison here are all three Untamed < Beta < Alpha DEC burn rate.

A quick example, burning one Untamed common is worth 10 DEC and present value of 1 DEC is equal to $0.00078 then burn rate of the common card will get you $0.0078 of DEC. That is approximately 3 less than the cheapest Untamed common card!

If we do a quick Beta common, "Animated Corpse" worth 15 DEC then burn rate of the card will get you $0.0117. The cheapest market price for the one card is currently $0.035. So whether it is Beta or Untamed commons there is a starting price difference of approximately three times the difference in its actual value versus how much market is selling at. The actual versus market values will widen as some commons can be priced as much as rares, but overall it seems Untamed cards are being priced similar to where Beta cards are at. Of course there will be outliers.

What does this all mean?

Market prices for Untamed cards can potentially still drop, but when demand for them rises it will be difficult for prices to stay low. Beta cards have been out for much longer than Untamed and prices for Beta cards have yet to fall below an average of 3 times its burn rate. This is similar with Untamed. Therefore my feelings are we are at a point where purchasing Untamed cards will not bring buyer remorse later down the road.






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