Splinterlands- Earthquake Battles!
Splinterlands- Earthquake Battles!

Today let us look at an example of the battle rule earthquake and using the monster's ability "flying" in a splinterlands battle.  There are certain abilities that benefits significantly when used under battles with specific rules. In today's post we will be looking at the flying ability benefits in battles with earthquake rule.

Earthquake Rule


Note: Melee will hit toughness before health so monsters with high toughness stats may withstand more rounds.

Example of a Winning Match for Me

image.png Since the battle limited me to 19 manas I used fire splinter with the low mana monster Cerberus that had self heal and combined it with a mix of melee, magic and range attacks. My monster card lineup in order: Cerberus_lv1.png Giant%20Roc_lv4.png Flame%20Imp_lv1.png Fire%20Demon_lv2_gold.png Furious%20Chicken_lv3.png

Why I chose the monsters?

  • First Position - Cerberus served as a shield as the self heal would prolong its life in the match.
  • Second Position - Giant Roc would aid in the frontal attack with reach and benefit in the match with flying.
  • Third Position - Flame Imp was a coin toss with Imp Bowman. I went with Flame just to have a third monster in the lineup that could still attack opponent if it was stationed in first position. Both Flame Imp or Imp Bowman had flying ability too.
  • Fourth Position - Fire Demon at 4 manas is one of the stronger range monsters for low mana cost. I had to put it in the lineup as it is a rental and wanted to make good use of it. The alpha + gold bonus in DEC if I win the match is sweet.
  • Fifth Position - End it with the Furious Chicken. I did not want to put it in the front of the line as it would waste either Cerberus's and/or Giant Roc's first round attack. Besides Chicken was there only for bait if opponent decided to use monster with snip. It serve no other propose and would die at the end of round one.

My opponent's monster lineup

Screeching%20Vulture_lv3.png QmZtCgf46gmJeH6w6gvaXQWHSP7NJX1bypQ6mhytFTiwHL Earth%20Elemental_lv2.png

What I think of my opponent's formation?

He or she started with Screeching Vulture of the bat meant opportunity ability would not be used. Then putting Kron The Undying leads me to believe vulture was used as a shield. Not really necessary since Kron can still attack in first position. The only benefit is that all monsters in the lineup would be able to attack in first round. He or she rounds out with an Earth Elemental. It would have been great only if Earth was level 4 and up as it would include self heal ability. Good thought but without self heal Earth would die in three rounds.

The Summoners

I went with Malric Inferno at level 3 while my opponent went with Wizard of Eastwood at level 2. From the start he or she limited their monster's level capacity with using only a level 2 summoner. So clearly I had the advantage in use of summoners. On top Wizard deducts 2 toughness but my monsters do not have any toughness so Wizard's ability is nullified in the match.

Malric%20Inferno_lv3.png Wizard%20of%20Eastwood_lv2.png

Battle Results

As mentioned and posted earlier it was a win for me, but not without causalities. On my side I lost Chicken and Cerberus. The flying monsters Roc and Imp remained in the end. Without flying only my Fire Demon survived! So there you have it on the benefits of having flying ability in an earthquake rule match. If you wish to watch the battle here is the link.

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