My Battles Using a Goblin Mech - Weekly Battle Post!

My Battles Using a Goblin Mech - Weekly Battle Post!

By mawit07 | | 25 Dec 2019


This post was made as an entry to @steemmonsters weekly battle post!.

My first impression of Goblin Mech was underwhelming. The high mana and ease of earning the reward card in quests and the resale vale was not impressive. Yet as I played through thousands of matches I have learn to appreciate the card and have garner a collection of regulars and gold foil versions of it.

What makes Goblin Mech Useful?
For a 10 mana monster the stats may look underwhelming, but it is useful in high mana matches and or in matches where you need to protect your first position monster in the first round. Often I have seen opponents chose a heal monster at the first position. These monsters tend to be able to protect the back end of the formation with heal, but Goblin Mech is a decent counter.
First position heal monsters often seen in formations:
+ Fire - Cerberus
+ Water - Sea Monster
+ Earth - Flesh Golem
+ Death - Haunted Spirit

If I do not get the first position heal monster killed often I struggle to win the match. Using a Goblin Mech I have a chance to win as it's toughness and health is enough to withstand the opponent while it's melee attack is high enough to do damage.

Pros of Goblin Mech
+ High Stats for attack, toughness, and health
+ Card is affordable so easy to level up
+ Neutral monster so when ever you expect to face a healing monster you can go with Goblin Mech as a first line of offense/defense as a decent counter
+ Level 1 already has an ability- piercing which is useful against monsters with toughness

Cons of Goblin Mech
+ High mana. 10 mana to use it is one of the highest in the game.
+ Because it is an easily accessible card to own competitors can use it too.
+ Not good against magic monsters. Other high mana monsters would likely have some sort of magic reflect or reduction in damage, but Goblin Mech's abilities even at level 10 does not have such.

Conclusion- When is it good to use Goblin Mech?
+ high mana matches. Esp 99 mana matches
+ When rule restricts only common and rare monsters can be used
+ Know you need to counter from a healing monster in your opponent's front line

When NOT to use Goblin Mech?
+ low mana matches, <15
+ When match rule negates toughness stats

Without further ado below is a resultant match I had with an opponent when both of us used the Goblin Mech in our first position in a 99 mana match.


If you want to watch the battle clip click here!


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