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Tesla just hit $1 Trillion in market value

By newb0Xsir | Written Words | 27 Oct 2021

I’m not a financial guy, by any true means, but whenever Gali from Hyperchange gets psyched about Tesla… it’s hard for me not to.

With the crazy amount of potential growth and disruptions in Tesla‘s near future, you must realize one thing. Elon Musk’s grand plan is far from over.

Just to think, even with what the company is already doing exceedingly well at, there’s lots of talk and tidbits pointing to grander things yet to come.

Tesla is much more than a car company. They’re truly an energy company that just so happens to make forms of transportation that also run on electrical energy.

Even these two initial industry disruptions have trickled down into various sub-disruptions. Some of which could happen in the next few years or within the next few decades:

  • Autonomous Ride Sharing service (aka “Robotaxi”)
  • HVAC System for the home with “smart” capabilities
  • Tesla’s own chain of restaurants, stores and/or coffee shops at supercharger locations

These points are merely scraping the surface of potential industry disruptions that this energy-focused tech company might deploy.

Another example, of which I’ve written about below, is the Full Self Driving Safety Score and their in-house insurance program currently available in California and Texas:

All it takes is a collective of both innovative minds and the right building blocks. At Tesla, both of these currently exist.

It’s quite exhilarating to follow this company and see what they accomplish, regardless of what negativity the company faces. This roller coaster ride has only begun and we’ve only gone over the first hump.

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