Tesla’s FSD “Request” Button: The New Insurance Calculator
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Tesla’s FSD “Request” Button: The New Insurance Calculator

By newb0Xsir | Written Words | 28 Sep 2021

Good news for Good Drivers, Bad News for Bad Drivers

For a few days now, the button to request access to the FSD (Full Self Driving) beta software has been rolled out to all Tesla owners whom paid for the FSD package.

Once you’ve pressed said button and processed your request, Tesla will begin monitoring your driving for 7 days. Once the 7 days have passed, and your driving datapoints seem good in Tesla’s eyes, you will be rewarded with FSD.

Pretty good deal, don’t you think?

Cool, but why is this insurance-related?

Tesla is already rolling out insurance in states like California and, soon to be, Texas. It’s also been noted in the notes/warnings of the “button” that the FSD monitoring calculations will also be a “testing ground” for their insurance calculations.

Personally, I’m quite psyched for this. I’ve been wanting a Tesla for quite sometime but they’ve always been out of my price range.

So, to have a way to automatically lower my future insurance premiums as I drive better is fantastic news. This means the out-of-budget Tesla becomes slightly more affordable the better I drive.

However, some people are “triggered” by the constant monitoring that Tesla will be doing in the 7-day testing period. Also, some don’t think it’s fair that Tesla can undersell the competition based on their more accurate driving data.

To that, I simply smirk and shake my head. If you’re really concerned about the constant monitoring, then perhaps it’s because you’re not as good of a driver that you allude to be? Also, finding a better way to do insurance, isn’t that how innovation works? Wouldn’t this cause the insurance company to step up their game? Find better ways to integrate a solution with other automotive companies and their products?

All I can say is my subtitle of this article: Good news for Good Drivers, Bad News for Bad Drivers. If you truly are a good driver, there’s nothing to worry about and, in fact, better ways to lower your insurance should excite you.

However, if you’re a bad driver then you should, well, stop. Tesla might be the only company monitoring driving this in-depth, but it won’t be long before everyone else is forced to play “catch-up”.

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