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By newb0Xsir | Written Words | 30 May 2021

The morning


Awaking your tired soul.

As you stretch

Loosening yesterday’s stress

Letting it fall

Through the floor gaps

Never to be seen

Aiding your rest.

You hear sounds

Communion has begun

Your housemates travelling about

Awakened by the sun.

The smells of coffee

Exciting your inner being

Pulling you forward

Craving that cup of happy feelings.

You may hear birds


Celebrating this glorious day

Perhaps there’s cartoons

Heroes and villains

Or silly creatures defeating evil

Come what may.

Whatever your vibe

Weather or situation

There’s only one Saturday

Come join its exaltation.

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Just a Christian/gamer/techie/musician/sustainability lover that has decided to join this here platform.

Written Words
Written Words

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