Within the Bitcoin Wars does not require Weapons to be powerful

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 3 Sep 2019


Cryptocurrencies since its birth have raised the idea of ​​unifying the world, seeking the decentralization of power and taking it away from the institutions that move for their personal interest.

History has shown how nations that succeed militarily impose their currency on the world, as the United States did after World War II, as the Romans did when conquering Europe and other historical examples.

Here it is highlighted that it is with brute force that the institutions manage to centralize their power, or at least it was and remained until today, implying that financial freedom is subjected by the use of weapons, force, violence and others.

However, the creators of Bitcoin focused on defense, rather than offense. Instead of devising a plan to gain superiority by attacking other countries or currencies, Bitcoin is designed to survive any known attack. You could say that this strategy coincides with the belief that "the best offensive is a great defense."

So what would be the three main threats to the global reserve status of a currency, which imposed its system on the world:

Military superiority: if you control the global reserve currency and your superpower status is revoked, you have historically lost the global reserve status. No matter how much the national states try, there are no individuals, companies or physical locations to attack.

However, no person or group controls Bitcoin. If a nation state were to capture or kill an individual, nothing would change. If a nation state exploited all mining facilities in its country, nothing would change. Simply, the decentralized nature of Bitcoin makes military superiority irrelevant.

Economic sanctions: The United States has done a great job defending its global reserve status by building the US dollar. Unfortunately for the world's leading currency, there is no individual, company or country that can stop Bitcoin. No one is in control, therefore, economic sanctions become irrelevant.

Cyber ​​war: in the last 10 years, Bitcoin has become the safest computer network in the world. There are hundreds of billions of dollars in incentives for someone to successfully attack the system, but no one has succeeded yet. In addition, the network continues to strengthen every day (up to 10 times the hash rate in the past 2.5 years), which expands the security pit. Due to the decentralized nature of Bitcoin, cyber war tactics become irrelevant.


So what does this mean exactly?

Bitcoin is the first world currency that is not backed by a nation-state and has the ability to withstand each and every attack of every nation-state in the world. It concludes with the following comment:

"The Bitcoin Defense Department (assimilating Bitcoin with a nation) has no bullets, no bombs, no ships, no fighter planes, no soldiers. It has thousands of volunteers and millions of computers around the world that cooperate to ensure that there is not a single point of failure. The world is changing rapidly. The national states are behind the curve. And Bitcoin is the sleeping giant that is well positioned to be the first currency to reach the global reserve state without having to enter in conflict".


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