What options we would have before, Traditional Markets VS Emerging Foreign Exchange.

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 11 Jun 2019


We are in a world where the Economy moves at the speed of the political decisions of the countries USA - CHINA.




Where the main affected is positive or negative we are, societies, investors, entrepreneurs and people standing.




Now we have the possibilities to make our own decisions in a divergent market having the following options:



It is the money that we circulate to make purchases of any type of products and services in this aspect is good, even so

over the years its real value has lost all the FIAT coins as "DOLLAR, EURO, YUAN, PESOS, REAL AND SOLES IN PERU "above

90% of its value, this indicates that it is not good for the future, because they will continue to devalue.



Although they are not easy to mobilize, they are one of the most stable instruments with the passage of time, while the fiat

money is devalued, these increase in value because they are limited and are very appreciated to protect capital.



These are the electronic currencies (the cryptocurrencies) that with the passing of the years are becoming very famous, and

also their value year after year is much more valued even than the gold itself and we have observed it since its appearance

in the year 2009 Bitcoin having a value of $ 0.005 cents of dollar today 2019 have a value of $ 7900 dollars average and

also other cryptocurrencies has had exponential growth.


Now in the middle of the crisis that approaches what instrument we can take to protect our capital?




Well that will depend on the needs that are emerging in the short and long term, for example if you want to protect your

money from a sudden recession, the most advisable would be to invest in gold and precious stones or real estate that does

not lose value at that time, but if it is a future, the most appropriate option would be to invest in cryptocurrencies since

their value will increase over the years and also have a limited number of coins that when mined totally their value should

increase as gold and precious stones, since these would happen to be like these minerals so appreciated but in Digital.

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