This is how cryptocurrencies can affect our day to day.

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 17 Sep 2019


Just a few years ago, cryptocurrencies were something of very innovative users, dreamers who thought that one day the digital currency would reign in the world thanks to the evolution of technology and the classic financial tools of a lifetime would be relegated forever.

However, this seems to have changed from dream to reality and more and more people are wondering why you should be aware of cryptocurrencies and why their evolution should not catch us by surprise. Fortunately, access to cryptocurrencies in general is getting easier, especially for the main currency Bitcoin. Starting to use them on a small scale is something we should all consider as soon as possible.

How cryptocurrencies affect our daily lives and you may not realize it.


We all know that things are changing faster and being aware of how cryptocurrencies affect our lives is essential to get in the car as soon as possible.

These currencies are a virtual exchange system, whose management is completely decentralized thanks to a huge number of machines that share information and process it without human intervention. All this is achieved thanks to a program that was created in its day and does not need any maintenance, it only requires all the technological infrastructure provided by users and gives life to this system.

People are tempted to contribute their machines to the ecosystem, since it automatically gives back to its taxpayers following an equation. This makes everything flow in a perfectly distributed and decentralized way, without allowing any government to have any control over this whole story.


Why should we be aware of cryptocurrencies?

If it is true that at some point in our lives we will all be willing to abandon government economies and give up the place to cryptocurrencies, when this happens their price will progressively trigger because, as with gold, there is a very limited number of them .

The difference between cryptocurrencies and currency, such as the euro we know today, is that they cannot be created at the will of an agency, such as the Central Bank, to solve dubious moral problems. For example, the Bitcoins that exist are those that exist and it is only possible to create more by putting more extremely powerful machines in the system, which is very expensive and makes only the specialists dare to invest to get a small fraction at a remunerative level.

Therefore, cryptocurrencies seem to be the ideal candidate to become the most popular currency in the future. Therefore, starting to dispose of them, even if they are a small amount, is possibly one of the best long-term investments. Cryptocurrencies are already everywhere and we may even be using them without realizing it.

What interesting and striking uses could we attribute to cryptocurrencies?


To cite some of the uses of the most interesting cryptocurrencies we will highlight the following examples:

Digital stores: there are already many stores that have joined this new proposal and it is possible to buy some products and services using cryptocurrencies. Maybe it is not yet as relaxed as we would like, but if we compare the possibilities of use with what was a few years ago, we will realize that the progress is there. Mainly, the prevailing currency in this aspect is Bitcoin.

Real donations: Many will know that donating to certain causes, such as humanitarian aid, is sometimes so expensive that the money received by those affected is only a portion of the money sent by philanthropists. Thanks to cryptocurrencies this is changing radically. In fact, some argue that certain communities should migrate exclusively to the use of cryptocurrency, which is 100% incorruptible and could give a new escape route in places where corruption is excessive.

Paid and decentralized content: a rather curious use is that they allow remuneration to people who create content in blogs and pages that become popular and entertain the public, with systems that have been able to automate all this transfer of value.

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