SwitchToBrave: To see a new internet of Purposes, inclusion and with Human Perspective

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 20 Aug 2019


Today there is a large number of web browsers which we can use, but nevertheless we must be a bit sincere and say that the vast majority of these do not pass the test regarding rapids, privacy and user security, so They do not provide a good consumer experience. as we all know so far there was a titan that ruled the other browsers and it seemed almost impossible to dethrone, it had its good moment, I'm talking about the same Google Chrome.




Google Chrome at the time seemed a very good browser always recommended. and Although it seems ironic on Google, there are countless options to block advertising, crawlers and website scripts, it also has the Google AdSense feature to monetize websites. However, in this last feature is the one that took me to SwitchToBrave. For a long time I spent looking for a way to monetize my websites and even make videos on YouTube, everything fell to failure because in my ignorance I then investigated and realized that this possibility was impossible to achieve because for my region it is not available to generate income from this medium. It is where the word "Inclusion for All" rests, a feature that has given us the arrival of Cryptomonedas and blockchain technology in general.

Brave is a very complete and great browser that was designed to protect the privacy of the users and at the same time it helps us to maintain a fast and comfortable navigation, It also does something that no other browser does that is to block the ads of the web pages without charging your income, that is, it allows you to save your mobile data and help your pocket, of course, this feature is for the mobile version.




This option to block ads is very good, but in my case I have nothing against the ads, one that another is not bad from time to time, because sometimes they have served me a lot, through one it was that I discovered Publish0x, of course Brave has the option of offering to replace the invasive ads with less annoying ones, it all depends on the user's taste, not everyone likes online ads.

There are two things that I liked most about Brave, one is the possibility of being able to navigate more anonymously in TorBrowser if I need to go out to install a Vpn or anything like that, because I help a lot in my region to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and the other is the possibility that it gives us the opportunity of an inclusion in the project to all those who at some time we did not previously have other platforms, with its Brave rewards allows us to monetize our sites without intermediaries and without so many restrictions by region or any excuse bureaucratic, through this rewards program we earn its original base token the "Bat Token", even if in our region we can not for example make money making videos by youtube, just having a wallet to receive these tokens, affiliate as Author of content and a few steps we can receive our money, also encourages its users to make secure micropayments to the websites they visit regularly and. In this way, without collaborating watching advertising we can help our favorite sites remain economically viable. Thus we passed on the Elitist system that was imposed for many previously.

Currently there are many users who are emigrating to Brave for its best characteristics of deprived, security and inclusion to the user to a new and better way to distribute wealth in all aspects. I think we are about to see great changes in the way content creators interact with their visitors, since each person will have the power in their hands to control and value the work done by those who offer a little of their knowledge to everyone.


The question is; Will this new model replace the old platforms since its growth is inevitable?




Probably not totally, at least not in the short term, because as it is notorious, everything will depend on the speed of acceptance and adoption to which it goes, but what if it is very true that it should lead to a safer and simpler future on the web for all those who decide to participate in it. For now we can only see the fight for leadership and see through our own eyes who is the best among the best.

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