Review of the best applications based on EOS so far this year 2019.

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 2 Sep 2019


Cryptocurrency based dapp came to stay. It seems that it was yesterday when the world began to talk about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. However, 10 years have passed since its launch and still today we have only seen the tip of the iceberg as far as applicability is concerned. While it is true that the price of the most famous cryptoactive worldwide is a source of attractive amazement, the truth is that the technology behind it is really the most valuable thing it has brought us to the world: blockchain technology. Thanks to it, the way of conceiving digital business, intellectual property, transparency and the anonymity of personal data has been substantially changed.

Although there are different alternatives (such as Ethereum or TRON), EOS has proven to be an important alternative for the development of dapps recently.

But what is a dapp and why is it so important?

A dapp (or d-app as read) is an application or software designed in some blockchain, which gives it decentralized properties (hence the decentralized app reading). Knowing this, let's review what trends have pushed the best EOS-based dapps so far this year 2019.

- Newdex: it is thought as a platform of exchange and decentralized commerce based on EOS. It also has its own mobile application and the ability to interact with TRON wallets. Among its main benefits are the security of its systems and the ease of use for its users. Its goal is to be able to mark a point and as far as the decentralized exchanges it refers.



- Hold’em PokerKing: is a crypto gambling dapp. Acquired earnings are based on smart contracts, which favors their transparency and security. Essentially focused on a traditional poker experience, PokerKing allows users to play regardless of where they are.



- Xdapp: We continue in the universe of crypto gambling. The popularity of these dapps is due to being the first major cryptographic entertainment projects in this sector. It has the appeal of dividing 10% of its earnings weekly and providing a more comprehensive and traditional experience to digital casinos. From poker, blackjack, dice and much more, Xdapp provides a favorable scenario to fully develop cryptocurrency bets.



- Lumeos: This is perhaps one of the most curious dapps on this list. Lumeos is a social survey application that allows users to create and answer surveys to earn reward points redeemable for tokens. Users are encouraged to provide their information in a game interface and to make their data valuable by responding to surveys and surveys. The more data the user shares, the higher their income. It is currently available on both Android and IOS.



- EOS Dynasty: Although EOS Dynasty is also a game, we cannot compare it to what has already been mentioned about casino games and betting. We are here in front of a net blockchain (blockchain game) video game with RPG (Rol Playing Game) features focused on the PvP (Person vs. Person). Players improve their heroes through the collection of materials, forging equipment and domesticable mounts. In addition, they can collect the Three Kingdoms (or TKT) to participate in multiple dividends or trade assets in the market based on a smart contract. Players can enjoy this title through their smartphone.



- Endless Game: Although it seems another contribution in the traditional crypto gambling, Endless Game has a much more ambitious premise, if you like. They are considered to be an online game room where you earn more income the more you participate in the games. However, its purpose is to create a total digital entertainment space with multiple additional games. As they say, the prizes and rewards are distributed among all the owners of the platform's exchange tokens.



- EOS Knights: A complete analysis is probably necessary to cover this title. EOS Knights is a blockchain game available on Android, IOS and browser. Being one of the pioneers in venturing into the most substantial development of blockchain gaming, the game allows you to acquire interchangeable goods, collect resources, domesticate pets and create various objects to help us in our adventure.



- He says: He says he may have many similarities with Endless Game, although it turns out to be an alternative with greater development now. Users can win DICE chips by playing, and then get dividends from bets. Both the platform and the card are based on a user centered design. Thus they seek to improve the experience of it.



- Prospectors: The first position is taken by another blockchain game with considerable importance. A somewhat allegorical way, it focuses on the gold rush of the 19th century, where it offers the user multiple options to obtain cryptocurrencies within the game by exploiting resources. It has the peculiarity of being the first blockchain game MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) to be developed for EOS. Further. The prices of the goods and services of the game are determined based on supply and demand.



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