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Reasons why Prospectors is one of the BestDApp in the Blockchain today?

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 15 Dec 2019


Today there is a large number of Cryptocurrencies in an innovative struggle to determine which is the best in terms of Smart Contracts and Dapp of the moment. In my opinion All Dapp are of great importance for the development and maturity of these new trends.

However, each user will determine on their own merit which in their opinion is the best. For my part, I determine which one has great potential depending on how many possibilities the users offer in their environment by immersing themselves in each of these Dapp.

A great project that I see with great potential and opportunities for progress doing what many people like the most is the MMO of economic strategy Prospectors of the Eos and Wax cryptographic chain, which immerses us in a world that offers us the possibility of owning of our own gold mines and many other great things. And who would not want to have a gold mine just for us ?, virtual of course.




It also gives us the opportunity for everyone to prosper according to the best way to earn money that suits everyone, mining gold, selling products, transporting things, working for other players and planning our own business that leads us into existence.




The best of all is that it is a totally decentralized world, so it places in our hands a free market economy where the prices of goods and services in the game are based on the supply and demand that this merits.

This is a Dapp that, with the short time it has been running, has given a lot to talk about, its community has grown from a few hundred to more than thousands of registered daily active users, it is easily adaptable for the user, since its game system It is quite simple and by instinct we can move forward as required.



This in turn has its own native Token which is the "PGL", currently has a value of $ 0.034 or 0.0132 Eos. Every 1000 gold corresponds to a token of the game, we can make this change from "GOLD" to "PGL" in the same Dapp without any commission.




We can acquire it through the Newdex decentralized exchange that is currently one of the few where we can get this asset. One of the best qualities of this Dapp is that no matter how much gold you have in the game, you can have it whenever you want.

"Even if you want to exchange 1 GOLD for the native Token, you can do it without any problem at the moment and without depending on any other factor".

This is a great advantage with respect to most Dapp that usually you should depend on the supply and demand of "X" object that you want to exchange for some token, this merits valuable time to be able to have the money in your hands.

The only disadvantage that it currently has is that to be able to carry out transactions such as a change from GOLD to the Token, it is necessary to have an amount greater than 10 Eos in the CPU stake, whether it be owned by them or rents so that this action can be executed . This is a disadvantage that the Eos Blockchain is currently looking for the most feasible solution due to the congestion of its network. As they say there ?, there is no harm that lasts 100 years and this is temporary.

EOS and WAX with this Dapp can have an advantage over others due to the rapid evolution and acceptance that the community is having. That is because it is one of the best established blockchain-based projects to date.

"If the DAPP of resource management is your thing, prospectors is the best option we can have to test and achieve our goals and objectives that we plan to meet, as long as we are supporting this initiative for good".


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