Meet this Re-name Companies That in addition to Facebook that are working with cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

Meet this Re-name Companies That in addition to Facebook that are working with cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 11 Jul 2019


With the appearance of the cryptocurrency of Facebook, Libra, the attention of the entire cryptographic community has turned to the famous social network that will now become part of the blockchain encryption ecosystem. However, this is not the only company that is dabbling in the world of Digital currencies and crypto Assets. Many are as important as they are:

Amazon: One of the most famous e-commerce platforms worldwide and the third highest income technology company in the world, is currently using Blockchain technology developed by IBM. The company offers its Amazon Managed Blockchain, business service whose objective is the creation and management of block chains based on IBM Hyperledger Fabric. Although the Blockchain code they used can be copied by anyone, since it is free to use, Amazon's offer sets the standard to differentiate itself from any other. The mission of this project is to simplify the process and offer a product that is almost ready to use, which only requires the personalization of the client. Something characteristic of Amazon's block chains is that they are not decentralized but private, which allows the customer to have total control over it.



Starbucks: Although it is known to be the largest coffee franchise in the world, Starbucks has not been left out of innovation either. Howard Schultz, CEO of the company, suggested in February 2018 that Starbucks could venture into a mobile payment application based on this blockchain technology, and even develop its own cryptocurrency. In March of that year, the firm began a pilot test with Blockchain to track the coffee beans used in its stores. The following month, the success of the project was announced, which will be reflected for its customers in a new function of the company's mobile application to review the entire route of the coffee beans to their final destination. This will be possible thanks to the Microsoft Azure blockchain.



Toyota: Toyota, one of the largest car manufacturers and the sixth company with the highest revenues worldwide, has stood out for staying at the forefront of innovation in its sector, which has allowed it to position itself as one of the leaders in its industry. Since 2016, the company is part of the R3 consortium to investigate the uses that the Ethereum block chain could provide, especially for its supply chain. A year later, he also joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and started a project to apply this technology in the handling of autonomous vehicles, data logging, personalized insurance and communications between cars and road networks. Now his goal is to continue implementing the Blockchain technology in his creations to offer better and better products to his audience.



Walmart: Walmart, the company with the highest profits globally, has also been one of the most active around the new innovations that can be used in the sector. For example, you have been using the IBM Blockchain to perform an effective trace of your food supply chain. In addition, it has already established several patents where the block chain is used, such as the package delivery system through a fleet of autonomous land vehicles, an Internet shopping platform and a delivery system with drones, which seems to indicate that this firm plans to take advantage of that resource to the fullest.




This is a clear reference in how new technologies are changing the way the economy has been observed until now. With the slow but safe incorporations of companies of great weight in the market, they will be incentivizing much more the use of cryptocurrencies as a profitable option to store value in the financial market.


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