Let's Hunt Monsters game Blockchain in pure Pokémon Go style.

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 18 Jul 2019


Tencent Games, is the developer of the popular PUBG Mobile, this time has created a really incredible game. It is an augmented reality title that combines blockchain technology. We're talking about Let's Hunt Monsters, a game that will definitely remind you of Pokémon Go.

During the game, you will be able to catch hundreds of street monsters using the China Mapping services. In addition, thanks to blockchain technology you can exchange them with other players. Without a doubt, this is a very striking feature of Let's Hunt Monsters.




The new augmented reality is already popular in China. Since it came to the iOS store, it became the most downloaded game beating PUBG Mobile and other well known titles.

Forget the pokemon, here the monsters you can capture are mythological beasts like dragons and phoenixes. The best part of the case is that you can exchange them with your friends and with other players of Let's Hunt Monsters.



Without a doubt, this new game will bring great economic benefits to Tencent. In China there are already several stores that offer coupon codes and discounts for Let's Hunt Monsters. We will only have to wait if the same happens in the other regions around the world when it is available to play.

This new Tencent game could be considered as competition for Pokémon Go. It's time to wait and see if Let's Hunt Monsters reaches a popularity similar to the legendary title of Niantic "Pokemon Go".

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