Imagine, Create and Build your own Life Economy in Decentraland

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 17 Jun 2019


Since the incorporation of games to the blockchain has been evolving according to how they spend the few years that go from its beginnings, it is so that I already reach the platforms of virtual reality or VR games, this game is giving of that to speak from its exit to the market, It is a virtual platform built on Ethereum. In this virtual world you can buy plots of land that you can then go through, build and monetize. There is no limit in what you can do, it is the first digital platform that is completely owned by your user.




It is very similar to games like Skyrim and Fallout, Decentraland is a virtual immersive universe. However, despite playing on a two-dimensional screen, your participation in the world is in 3D. This seems to be the next logical step before creating complete games based on artificial intelligence in our physical space.










The spaces with which you interact in the game are called lands, they are non-fungible digital assets that you buy within the game. Once you have a lot of LAND, you can do whatever you want with it. You can create games, applications, betting services or even dynamic 3D scenes. But you can also go further and create services based on LAND around education, professional development, tourism, etc. It's a pretty well organized and very complete games. Its economy is based on the Cryptomoneda "Mana"; which is an ERC20 type token that you can use to purchase the LAND lots while paying for goods and services.

The project takes more time than one might suppose, since the first objective of the project was reached in June 2015. This was simply a grid of pixels where these could be assigned to users, which served as an algorithm for work test. Very recently they had an event called Terraform, in which they sold LAND in a new 3D world. Decentraland is a blockchain project with virtually no competitors, which gives them the freedom to continue incorporating and experimenting with their virtual reality gaming protocol.




This great project takes advantage of the imagination of the players and their business vision under any circumstance, you can do almost anything you want whenever you want. This is a unique bet in a market that is barely being tested, the striking alternative lives are becoming very popular today, do not let go of this project because we could be in the not too distant future before the "Oasis" of the movies from "Ready player One by Ateven Spielberg".




Only imagination and perseverance will give us hope to see an ecosystem of business and experiences flourish before our eyes.


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