Has the value of the dollar fallen against bitcoin in recent years

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 6 Aug 2019


How was the loss of value of the dollar against bitcoin?

The dollar has lost more than 19,000,000% against bitcoin since 2010. In August 2010, each dollar amounted to more than 1,754 million satoshis.

The growth of bitcoin (BTC) with respect to the dollar and other fiat currencies is more than known. Between August 2010 and the current date, the price of BTC went from USD 0.07 to USD 11,676.

The usdsat.com portal can visualize the answer to this question, with a graph that appears and reflects the fading of the fiat currency against the main cryptocurrency in the market. The website compares the value of the US dollar in satoshis, the bitcoin fractions.

At the time of checking the graphic on this website, each USD is equivalent to 8,575 satoshis or 0,00009203 BTC. The same graph shows that by August 2010, the equivalence was more than 1,754 million satoshis or 17,54 BTC per dollar. Between the two moments, the US currency has lost a total of 19,063,196.40%.

1 US dollar is currently worth 8,575 sats
1 year ago it was worth 14,231 sats
2 years ago it was worth 30,287 sats
3 years ago it was worth 173,926 sats
4 years ago it was worth 359,387 sats
5 years ago it was worth 171,493 sats
6 years ago it was worth 1,031,779 sats
7 years ago it was worth 9,199,632 sats
8 years ago it was worth 15,267,176 sats

USDSAT Historical Performance



Another interesting fact is that during the biggest bull run in bitcoin history so far, the minimum value of USD with respect to BTC was 5,170 satoshis per dollar. Since then, the US currency has recovered value against the cryptocurrency, although only so far this year has gone from more than 26,000 satoshis per dollar to the current 8,575 satoshis.

With figures like these, the behavior of bitcoin users who keep long-term cryptocurrency protected as an investment method is logical. In fact, according to figures from the Coinbase exchange house, it was recently known that of all the cryptocurrencies used in the platform, BTC is the most used to make Hodl, a term with which the action of conserving an asset is known in the ecosystem awaiting increases in its long-term value. According to the exchange house, litecoin and ether are the other cryptocurrencies mostly hodleadas.

In spite of all this data provided by the websites and other media, analyst positions on the most immediate future of the market on this Bitcoin - Dollar relationship are diverse.

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