Cryptocurrencies seduce everyone and reach Hollywood
Cryptocurrencies seduce everyone and reach Hollywood

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 19 Aug 2019


Some artists of the Californian set are associating with some companies to try to link the cinema with the cryptocurrencies.

The world of cryptocurrencies increasingly attracts thousands of people eager to know the new digital money market that is already positioned throughout the planet as one of the most representative forms of the monetary field in the not too distant future.

More and more people are watching the cryptocurrency leap and want to know how they can invest. On that wave is the gigantic Hollywood movie market; some artists of the Californian set are associating with some companies to try to link the cinema with the cryptocurrencies. Not only is the growth of the exchange and blockchain platforms what stands out most in the crypto universe, but also the peculiarities of the various communities that today opt for digital currencies. A few years ago this panorama seemed only covered by the so-called Geeks or the "Y generation" (millennials); But today from the most intrepid businessman, even the housewives want to know what happens to the Bitcoin ?, Some begin this journey by informing with specialists, while most appeal to the Internet to know the details and see how they can participate.

The most outstanding sectors of the financial field already play within the cryptocurrency career, such as exchanges and some banking entities, even when these assets do not depend on a regulated monetary system; but there are other characteristic sectors that awaken to the reality of cryptocurrencies, including the artistic one: a few days ago the news highlighted that the multi-award-winning Hollywood actor Johnny Depp had partnered with the TaTaTu startup, a company that offers entertainment under the system Ondemand (movies, series, events, etc.), rewarding its users with crypto assets for the time they take to see the programs they offer.

 There subscribers can exchange movies, videos, television episodes and other forms of content through the well-known "blockchain" method. They also receive payments through TaTaTu's own altcoin (TTU).

Deep wants a futuristic television; Johnny Deep met TaTaTu and became interested in his revolutionary proposal, which can become very competitive against other giants of the Ondemand system such as Netflix.

Deep believes that investing in TaTatu not only bets on the future of the world of cinema, but is also an express way to be part of cryptocurrencies. The actor has expressed interest in creating exclusive content for TaTaTu and that consumers can acquire the so-called Tokens (units of value of the different altcoins, generally used to reward the loyalty of digital miners). The first production in which Deep will participate will be "Waiting for the Barbarians," based on the novel by renowned South African writer John Maxwell Coetzee. Filming will begin this month in Morocco; The cast will also be made up of renowned actors Mark Rylance and Robert Pattinson.

TaTaTu was already working with other actors This is the case of Antonio Banderas and Alec Baldwin; they are part of the film that will portray the life of businessman Ferruccio Lamborghini, the creator of the famous car; and that without a doubt is a bulwark for many crypto-addicts, then, its figure represents the impulse of the novelty. It is said that many producers, arrangers and cameramen working on this film accepted the TaTaTu (TTU) tokens as payment. There are other series and films that have been funded with TaTaTu, and which include major Hollywood stars such as: John Travolta, Matthew McConaughey, Quentin Tarantino and Francis Ford Coppola


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