Cryptocurrencies: Confidence will be the money and currency of the future.

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 22 Sep 2019


The success of major brands and companies depends almost entirely on the ratings and comments of their users. This is where trust is born and based on the cryptocurrencies of its future users.

The most surprising thing about this new economic model is the technology that has made it possible, great changes have brought about in society. It has brought a renewed sense of community, has generated greater collaboration, has provoked new ways of thinking and has made trust more valued, taking advantage of a need that transcends borders and is still full of opportunities.

If we are not working to build and demonstrate it, then the future may be about to leave us behind, as trust in these new projects is rapidly becoming the currency of world change.

Today with the arrival of these new trends, we are willing to put our lives almost in the hands of people we know nothing about. We have taken our fears more visceral than the unknown and set it aside in a matter of months and years.

What has enhanced this change in values ​​is the codification of the reputation they have, since they are the great masses that support a specific cause that make it possible to trust someone over whom, otherwise, we know nothing. And it is transforming the way we live.

To put it more simply, trust has nothing to do with something that is physical. That is what allowed the rise of bitcoin, as it is not linked to physical assets such as the quality of gold; It is the collective beliefs and hopes of their owners that do so.

In this new world, our “confidence score” will be the only parameter that people need to make decisions about how to do business, and with whom. In fact, it becomes the new credit score. For someone with venture capital funds, the opportunity to find a single confidence indicator these coming years will be enormous.

The question is, what are these projects that are being born doing to build active trust with all of us as users? In a world where the brand of something is less what it says, and more the collective experiences of everyone who uses it, you cannot simply rely on marketing to face a challenge in the future.


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