Cryptocurrencies: Are the collaborative economy that guides us to a society of constant changes?

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 18 Sep 2019


In recent years there has been a stir with the arrival of cryptocurrencies to the economic field, We as consumers have become much more than mere clients of these projects. New technologies have given us the power to negotiate and offer products and services to everyone. This change in trend is unstoppable.



It is difficult to find an aspect in everyday life that has not been invaded and changed by the appearance of cryptocurrencies today. This new technology has broken into to alter almost all aspects of our society: communications, learning, relationships, the way of working, health and any transaction we want to make.

In the case of the concept of using it as forms of payment or purchase and sale, it includes us in particular as suppliers and in addition to consumers of various services, ranging from financial services that allow investments for projects of all types, to anything in particular that we think.

The term that encompasses all this phenomenon that is changing the economy throughout the world is that of collaborative economy and although the reason for its origin in this new technology has been attributed, it would also be explained by the financial and economic crises that have hit the world. Given the need for new forms of savings and income, the collaborative economy was erected in response to millions of people and a handful of entrepreneurs who knew how to take advantage of the conjunctures of the traditional economy. And it is that precisely many of the initiatives and projects that succeed today, were born on the verge of the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009

Life and economy change according to our needs, and more than ever, today we need economic initiatives that allow us to use our scarce resources in a more efficient way. But at the same time, one must be aware of how and to whom they can affect the changes in a negative way and minimize these so that no one is left behind in sectors that cannot adapt so quickly to this new paradigm that the new economic trends have brought.


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